90 years for Tor Pignattara

Starts from January 12, 2017 the celebrations and initiatives to celebrate 90 years of the Torpignattara Roman neighborhood. A full calendar of events, from the laying of the stumbling blocks in memory of the partisans of the neighborhood killed at the Fosse Ardeatine to the historical walks between archeology and anthropology, through the comic about the life of a partisan Giordano Sangalli and Liberation Day April 25

They will be held from January 12, 2017 celebrations and events organized by the Committee of District Torpignattara, Association for Ecomuseum Casilino at Duas Lauros, from the Popular School of Torpignattara by the Cultural and Black and White (organizer of KarawanFest) to celebrate 90 years of the Roman neighbor of the Rome City Hall 5. Although the settlement of the town dates back to the establishment of the health station in 1882, on the night between 17 and July 18, 1927 marks a historic moment: the act of inclusion of this urban area in the internal administrative territory of the City of Rome. That night, in fact, became the executive order that imposed the displacement of local customs border than via the airport of Centocelle: an administrative act that transformed Torpignattara from a rural village in the Roman countryside in ‘one of the towns included in the common closed’ of Rome.
The project ‘90 Volte Tor Pignattara’ intends to build an annual program of events through direct participation of the many social and cultural organizations operating in the territory.
Many shared events, to build a plural cultural offer , in which every reality can contribute. The calendar of the celebrations will take start on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 9:00 am with an event of extraordinary importance: the installation of 6 stumbling blocks (Stolpersteine) in memory of the partisans of the district killed at the Fosse Ardeatine. The initiative is part of the eighth edition of Memoirs of stumbling in Rome, organized by ArteInMemoria, edited by Adachiara Zevi and built under the patronage of the President of the Republic. On January 15, however, are to start on Sundays Ecomuseum Casilino 2017, with an historical walk which will have the narrative thread of the events experienced by the district for the first nine months of struggle for the liberation of Rome from Nazi-Fascism. The urban hiking cycle will then continue in the months to accompany the public to discover the historical, archaeological, anthropological, artistic and landscape of the territory.

In April 2017, however, it will be presented the first comic book on the life of the partisan Giordano Sangalli realized thanks to the workshop held by Alessio Spataro for the Popular School of Torpignattara. On 25 April, however, room for the traditional Liberation Day, to be held, as usual, to the Park Giordano Sangalli. “This is just a taste – the organizers emphasized – of the many events that will make up the calendar of celebrations. In fact, many are coming accessions that are being considered by the organizing committee. A special appearance which again testifies to the vitality of a neighborhood that, through his extraordinary voluntary sector, rejects the media image of slums and claims its central role in the social and cultural panorama roman .

To support this goal is a commemorative logo was created, required to “report” adherence to the initiative of the individual event and a website www.90voltetorpigna.it with information and promotional purposes. The associations wishing to join the initiative – provided they are not affiliated with political parties and operating non-profit – will not have to do anything but to propose its membership by filling out the form on the website or by sending an email at 90voltetorpigna@gmail.com

We believe – we continue the organization – which promote the widest possible participation is essential to achieving the objectives that the initiative aims: to spread knowledge of the historical and cultural heritage of the area between the communities that inhabit it and to formally request recognition of Torpignattara as new district of the city of Rome, claiming the contribution of the neighborhood in the democratic construction of identity and multicultural city”.

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