alba-di-mati-27-2 Love does not end badly, and just ends. He, she, him again and again her. Only a couple, time racing and things that never go out. Like people, and their feelings. How to lie to please another. As a vice that find that you have to thirty years. Alba is the stubborn hope of making an eternal desire already sold out, and the terror that this hope you will grant. It’s the dawn of the first day, when everything was already far and yet so difficult to see. It is the nightmare of a true dawn. Because the habit makes us lazy, so lazy to crave everything that we have already.

ALBA by Maria Teresa Berardelli with Daniele Natali and Aurora Peres director Maria Teresa Berardelli assistant director Camilla Brison

from Thursday 15 to Saturday, January 17th 21:00 h / Sunday, January 18 at 18:00

Address: Via della Rocca Carlo, 6 – 00177 Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 349 4356219-  3298027943 – 3283546847
Web: https://teatrostudiouno.wordpress.com/

Photos by Valeria Tomasulo


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