Open the Testaccio Hill in Rome, an archaeological site unique in the world

Il Monte Testaccio a Roma

Il Monte Testaccio a Roma

 I am a sociologist, urban living for thirty years in the former working-class district of Testaccio in Rome, an area full of memory, history and the contemporary. There are many stories that have met – and that sooner or later will go to cross – in this place where there is the eighth hill of Rome, the Monte dei Cocci or Monte Testaccio, the first landfill of imperial Rome. The Monte dei Cocci was born and raised along the course of three centuries between the first and the third century AD accumulating shards of amphorae of oil discharged to Porto dell’Emporio and from Spain. Monte-testaccio-_dei-cocci_veduta-aereaMount gives name to the district, testae in Latin means “crock.” It is at once a natural monument and a document, because through archaeological essays, still active from the late nineteenth century because of the vastness of the area still to be examined, it was possible to reconstruct the history of the Roman Empire trade. A unique site in the world but incredibly closed and left all’incuria total. A state of affairs which sets the perception, also because of the peculiarity of Testaccio, in a timeless space. Its inaccessibility is an insult not just to the memory, but the pleasure of being able to observe from the top the other Rome, that of work and toil, that of the industrial landscape of the area and Ostiense Marconi, former slaughterhouse and Field Boario. I then started a petition on directed to the City of Rome and the Archaeological Superintendence of Lazio to hold a public tender for the award – the associations of the territory – the management of activities for tourism promotion of this archaeological site, creating at the same time during use and promotion of culture. In support of the campaign I created a logo on a shirt, thanks to the international platform that is what for me is Monte Testaccio: l ‘Eighth Colle di Roma, which will soon be the name of a new and stimulating associative reality that will tell the city, walking. To sign the petition here enter
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