BAUBEACH, opens on May 1st the beach equipped for dogs free and happy in Rome

Maccarese_Bau-bay_BAUBEACH_spiaggia_cani_RomaFriday, May 1, 2015 reopens Baubeach, The first beach equipped for dogs happy and free , a few steps from Rome is located in the city Maccarese in Via Praia a Mare, not far from Rome Leaonardo Da Vinci in Fiumicino and within walking distance Fregene, the popular seaside resort of the coast nor Rome.
BAUBEACH_spiaggia_cani_RomaThe next May 1, 2015 opens the season of Baubeach® at Maccarese, the first equipped beach for dogs free and happy in Italy, which this year will reopen its doors, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Fiumicino.

Maccarese_BAUBEACH_spiaggia_cani_RomaThe structure we are talking about is the guarantor of some priorities that are necessary in the presence of animals: the welfare of dogs, security, health checks, educational activity. Moreover Baubeach® guarantees comfort, with bathing equipment, designed for the needs of the dog, drinking water at will, Service Dog washing, emergency vet.

Bau-bay_BAUBEACH_spiaggia_cani_RomaThis summer promises days will be accompanied by a permanent exhibition of wildlife photographer Claudia Candido titled The Last Paradise with comments by Patrizia Daffinà, President of ASD Baubeach Village, where alongside images of reportage from the Galapagos in shots taken at the beach, commenting on the similarity of the only places, because those protected by someone who keeps their heart.

Claudia Candido. Infinito spazio&silenzio nel mondo

Claudia Candido. Infinito spazio&silenzio nel mondo

The theological reflections and relationships that are inspired by the exhibition, which will be reflected in a Slideshow July 4, 2015, will gather in the proposed activities, ranging from Pentadog®, a sport and dog-loving couple, invented from scratch to Baubeach® , which will be conducted by two instructors Enzo Morelli and Corrado Trelanzi, with the aim of measuring the degree of empathy between people and their dogs, excluding the competitiveness and the competitive spirit, preferring the natural wellbeing and harmonious, up to the gastronomic proposals of Catering Vegan 100% designed to have a minimal environmental impact, to propose a power that excludes the pain and animal exploitation and prefers healthy food, fresh, organic and ethical.



The warm summer days will be an opportunity to learn more about their dog and its possible problems, behavioral and health: in this regard are provided free weekly meetings and workshops with the Educator, Carlo Montaruli, some dates with Dott. Manuele Cascioli, veterinary expert in Natural Biological Medicine, as well as those who propose possible paths physiotherapy for dogs with mobility issues (Drs Silences and Rasola).
To ensure the physical and mental wellness we will, as always, totally free courses of Yoga and Pilates, free internships with Vitala Yoga® Association, meeting on the theme The Family Constellations, treatments ajurvedici Saturdays from June.
Baubeach® is also Art: Concerts in July provided the Full Moon, (3 and 31) in which artists friends of animals (Sara Berni and The Hots), will bring their notes after the AperiVegan provided every weekend , while in August the art laboratory goldsmith Bluemonde® present the Collection Baubeach®.
Also feature presentations of books for children, themed interactive workshops annexes, as Bauhamas Laura Grassi Guide.
Baubeach® has always been a place, as well as leisure and wellness, deep commitment to animal rights. Why are billboard events that support the work of people who have spent their lives to defend the rights of the weaker species: dall’istancabile Gianluca Felicetti, President of the LAV that June 6 will present his book Beyond the barbed wire Green Hill wrote with Michael Kuan, the days dedicated to Thegreenplace, a sanctuary for animals released from human exploitation for a life in freedom. The heart beats fast Baubeach to create the conditions for a world where there is room for respect and empathy between species. Since 1998, the year of his birth, the goal has always been and this year it has decided to recall printing on t-shirt promotional citation wonderful and sharp, the great British ethologist Jane Goodall, “The future of our planet depends on us . We are the ones who can make a difference. And if we can leave even the smallest sign, we can change the world in one night. ”
The full program of ‘Summer Baubeach 2015 on the web site  

Infoline : +39 06 81902352 – +39 3492696461 – +39 333 8372200 – +39 339 3614861 – +39 3337996267
Facebook (Gruppo):  Amici del Baubeach

Baubeach_maccarese_roma_beach_seaside_dogSERVICES AND PRICES

The beach of Baubeach® is managed by ASD Baubeach Village, affiliated to the ‘Sports Promotion Board ASC (Sports Activities Confederate) recognized by the Olympic Committee and the FISC (Italian Federation of Sports Kennelclubs). To access the services offered must be members of the ASD Baubeach Village and affiliates to the first body, so as to be guaranteed also by a personal health insurance policy required by law.

All sports courses, events, conferences and shows that will appear in the Summer 2015 Program are FREE for members; those of sport dog provide an additional registration fee of two to five Euros on the card FISC

To become a member of A.S.D. Baubeach Village and be able to access the beach and its services is required to renew its membership or request it from scratch, with the payment of € 10.00 (ten) that you subscribe directly on the beach on arrival and also includes Tessera Ente Sports Promotion ASC Recognized by the Olympic Committee.

All sports courses, events, conferences and shows that will appear in the Summer 2015 Program are FREE for members; those of sport dog require a registration fee of two to five Euros on the card FISC

SERVICES on the beach:

Sunbeds: € 6.00 weekdays – € 7.00 Holidays

Parasols: € 5.00 weekdays – € 6.00 Holidays

Entrance Dog with related services *: € 4.00 weekdays – € 5.00 Holidays (discount of € 1.00 for dogs adopted)

    after 16:00: happy hour!
Package: cot + 1cane = € 7.00
umbrella = € 3.00
Extra bed = € 4.00

* Bowl, snacks, umbrella for the sun, the emergency vet, veterinary availability of 10 h, hygiene bags, showers available, trained personnel available

Circle Refreshment VEGAN certificate (meals, coffee, natural juices, ice cream bio, beverages and greedy curiosity)


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