Brunch in Rome City, a long breakfast for Lunch

On Saturday and Sunday are days ideal for getting up late. We report below some places where you can have a good brunch in Rome.

1) Il Pulcino Ballerino
In San Lorenzo, where the Brunch buffet comes with a live rock set.
The buffet line features sausages, eggs, baked pastas, pasta salads, meat dishes and vegetables.

The show starts at 2:30 p.m. Reservations recommended.

Price: € 20 ($ US27), alcoholic beverages not included..

Address: Via degli Equi 68,
Tel: 06 494 1255;
Brunch Time: Sundays 12:30-2:30 p.m / domenica 12:30-14:30;
{google_map}Via degli Equi, 66, 00185 Roma (Il Pulcino ballerino)({/google_map}

2) Ristoro degli Angeli
In Garbatella Area is located in fornt of Palladium theatre (Get Direction) born from the old municipal entity of consumption and an old haberdashery where you listen to poems, read books, newspapers, cookbooks.

On Saturday from 12.30 – 14-30 there is a very good Vegetarian Buffet
Price: € 18.00 per person all inclusive  excluding wine
White and red wine 2,00 Euro per cup
Address: Via Luigi Orlando, 2 – 00154 Roma
Tel/Fax: 06 51 43 60 20
Cel: 338.87.51.157 or 339.27.68.316
{google_map}Via Luigi Orlando 2,  00154 Roma (Ristoro degli Angeli)({/google_map}

3) Salotto 42

This is a trendy Roman bar by night but turns into a brunch spot only for weekend mornings.
This is an “organic” alternative to brunch, is more aperitivo than breakfast. Buffet of cous cous, pasta salads, pita sandwiches and green salad with almond-apricot dressing, you’ll find good fruit juice and coffe

Price/Prezzo: € 15 (US $ 20), including non-alcoholic beverages / comprese le bevande non alcoliche.

Address: Piazza di Pietra 42;
Tel 06 678 5804;
Brunch Time: sabato e domenica 13.00-15.00 pm
{google_map}Piazza di Pietra, 42, 00186 Roma (Salotto 42)({/google_map}

4) Open Colonna

Brunch buffet invented by the Italian chef Antonello Colonna, more Italian Lunch less American breakfast, with lasagna, parmigiana, fresh cheese, meatballs, pasta salads and couscous.

Price/Prezzo: € 30 (US $ 40)

Address: Scalinata di via Milano 9a;
Tel. 06 4782 2641,
Brunch hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12:30-3:30 p.m – sabato e domenica 12:30-15:30
{google_map}Via Milano, 9/a, 00184 Roma (Open Colonna)({/google_map}

5) Bakery House

One of the best cost-friendly brunches in Rome, offers exclusively American breakfast dishes, such as scrambled eggs and bacon, ham and cheese omelettes, pancakes, french toast, bagels and sandwiches.

Brunch comes with orange juice and American coffee. There’s no buffet here — you order a meal from a waitress.

Price/Prezzo: € 8,50 (US $ 11).

Address: Corso Trieste, 157b/c, 00198 Roma
Tel. 06 9437 7841,
Brunch hours: Saturdays and Sundays / sabato e domenica 11:00 am – 16:00 pm
{google_map}Corso Trieste, 157b/c, 00198 Roma (bakery house)({/google_map}

6) Rec23

In Testaccio area an “authentic American brunch that doesn’t forget Grandma’s Sunday lunch” offer Polenta with sausage, porchetta, lasagna, fried chicken cutlets, cheeses and roast beef, plus scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. Is an unlimited American/Italian brunch buffet, the second Sunday of each month is accompanied by a “cheap and chic” flea market.

Price: Prezzo: € 15 (US $ 20), including coffee, water and orange juice. Include caffè, acqua e succo d’arancia.

Address: Piazza dell’Emporio, 1-2, 00153 Roma
Tel: 06 8746 2147
Brunch hours: Saturdays and Sundays / sabato e domenica 12:30-15:30
{google_map}Piazza dell’Emporio, 1-2, 00153 Roma (Rec 23)({/google_map}

7) Sweety Rome

American-style bakery on Via Euralio has a Via Milano cafè that serves a brunch buffet on Sundays with all manner of eggs, bacon, bruschetta, pasta, rice dishes  and vegetables.

Price/Prezzo: € 22 (US $ 30)

Address: Via Milano, 48, 00184 Roma
Tel: 06 4891 3713

Brunch hours:  Sundays / Domenica 12.00-15:30 pm
{google_map}Via Milano 48, 00184 Roma (“Sweety Rome”)({/google_map}

8) Gusto Caffè

It serves brunch to a lot of peopleon Saturdays and Sundays and lines can get long. The atmosphere is clean and modern,   the buffet includes baked pastas such as timballo and canneloni, meat and seafood dishes, cheeses, pizza, scrambled eggs, bacon, cupcakes and donuts.

Prices/Prezzo: € 15 (US $ 20) per 500 grammi di cibo a buffet; € 2,50 per ogni 100 grammi.

Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore 9
Tel : 06 322 6273
Brunch hours: Saturdays and Sundays / sabato e domenica 12:00-15:00
{google_map}Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9, 00186 Roma (Gusto Cafè)({/google_map}

9) The Perfect Bun

This is an upscale place (known as “CO2”) is like a New York Underground spot transplanted in Rome’s historic center. During regular time, The Perfect Bun serves burgers, steaks and Tex-Mex food, but for weekend its brunches are all about eggs, French toast, potatoes and Sunday roast.
Some complain about the prices, spotty service and noise, but it’s still the most fashionable Roman brunch in town, where the people is  petty young roman bourgeoisie. Reservations is necessary.

Price/ Prezzo: € 25 (US $ 33),including American coffee-  compreso il caffè americano.

Address: Largo del Teatro Valle, 4, 00186 Roma
Tel: 06 4547 6337,
Brunch time , Sunday – domenica 11:30-14:00
{google_map}Largo del Teatro Valle, 4, 00186 Roma (The perfect bun)({/google_map}

10) Zoc

A beautiful loft space with an impressive garden, the brunch buffet consists of dishes with “farm to table” ingredients. The classic brunch items include fresh seasonal fruits, pancakes and scrambled eggs; non-traditional dishes are shrimp curry, salads, baked potatoes, caesar salad, chili, smoothies, chicken wings and chocolate muffins.The menu changes daily.

Price – Prezzo: € 30 (US $ 40)
Address: Via delle Zoccolette, 22, 00186 Roma
tel: 06 6819 2515
Brunch hours:  Sundays / Domenica 12.00 am – 15:30 pm
{google_map} Via delle Zoccolette, 22, 00186 Roma (Zoc)(  {/google_map}

11) Bocca di Dama

A lovely bakery in San Lorenzo district , it serves a bountiful brunch. The buffet of “naturally imperfect” foods offers meatballs, brocoletti, foccaccia, lasagna, quiche, toast with artisanal jams, mini-croissants and a whole table of pancakes. Reservations recommended.

Price – Prezzo: € 20 (US $ 27)  including coffee, wine or tea. tra cui caffè, vino o tè.

Address: Via dei Marsi, 4, 00185 Roma
Tel: 06 4434 115
Brunch hours:  brunch hours, Saturdays and Sundays 12:30-15:30
{google_map} Via dei Marsi, 4, 00185 Roma (Bocca di Dama)(  {/google_map}

12) Lettere Cafè

The Cafè every day preparing for his aperitif € 5 from 18:00 to 21:30, and Sunday comes Sunday Brunch at 12 Euros!
Delicious recipes using organic foods, soups, omelets, homemade bread, centrifuged, cakes and pies, salads, drinks.Price – Prezzo: € 12 (US $ 10)  including coffee, or tea. tra cui caffè, o tè.

Address: Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 100/101, 00153 Roma
Tel: 06 97270991
Brunch hours:  Sundays / Domenica 12.30 am – 16:30 pm
{google_map} Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 100/101, 00153 Roma (Lettere Cafè)({/google_map}

13) Mò Mò Republic

The The stylish venue restaurant is in a house of 190 beginning in the Monteverde district, with high ceilings and wooden floors, and on Sunday from 13 to 15.30, back with autumn Sunday Brunch: appetizers, first and second courses of meat and fish dishes, hot and cold then variety of cakes and pastries, exotic fruits and chocolate fondues. Or, alternatively, you can choose from the a la carte menu. And, not to spoil, live jazz music.

Price/Prezzo: 25 euro ( beverage not included); Children less than 6 years old pay 15 euro

Brunch hours:  Saturday and Sundays 12.30 am – 15:30 pm
Address: Piazza Carlo Forlanini, 10, 00100 Roma
Tel. 06 5373087
{google_map} Piazza Carlo Forlanini, 10, 00100 Roma (Mò Mò Republic)({/google_map}

14) La Bottiglieria Pigneto

A friendly place in Pigneto and informal to eat, drink and chat with friends, this is the mission statement of Bottiglieria via Pigneto. A place to enjoy a brunch with long lead times and rested at home. Leafing newspapers or reading them online (there’s wifi). from 12 to 15 from Monday to Saturday, until 16 on Sundays. buffet is plentiful and cheap.

Price: Saturday 10 euro, Sunday 15 euro including water and coffee

Brunch hours:  Saturday and Sundays / Sabato e Domenica 12.30 am – 15:30 pm
Address:  via del Pigneto 106/a, Roma
Tel: 06 272362
Web :
{google_map} via del Pigneto 106/a, Roma (La Bottiglieria Pigneto)({/google_map}

15) Fabrica di Calisto

In the Prati neighborhood located in an old confectionery and chocolate lab, Fabrica is not just a pastry shop, but also an exhibition space for emerging artists and especially a place that changes depending on the time of day: coffee, tea, local for brunch or a cocktail and wine bar. The brunch on Saturday and Sunday is buffet style with “culinary influences” ranging from the classical tradition to the Italian-Mediterranean ethnic cuisines. You can find pasta and cous cous, quiches and pies, and many different kinds of dessert.

Price/Prezzo: 18 euro escluding drinks
Brunch hours:  Saturday and Sundays 12.30 am – 15:30 pm
Address: Via Girolamo Savonarola, 8, 00195 Roma
Tel. 06 39725514
{google_map} Via Girolamo Savonarola, 8, 00195 Roma (Fabrica di Calisto)({/google_map}

16) Margutta RistorArte

They call it even Ristorarte, this restaurant is located in Margutta, one of the most characteristic streets of Rome. It offers a buffet organic and vegetarian not only the weekend, but the other days. With prices and different menus. All strictly vegetarian and creative, with over 50 recipes, and included in the price, bread, water, fruit salad, juice and coffee. From 

Price: 25 € Saturday and Sunday.

Brunch hours:  Saturday / Sundays / Domenica 12.30 am – 15:30 pm
Address: Via Margutta, 118, 00187 Roma
Tel. 06 32650577
{google_map} Via Margutta, 118, 00187 Roma (Margutta RistorArte)({/google_map}

17) Macro

Close to Piazza Fiume, former Peroni factory, wonderfully transformed into a sinuous contemporary art museum Macro dall’archistar French Odile Decq the top floor there is a restaurant with his good Sunday brunch. Great room and buffet at will. The menu is similar to that of a long and relaxed sundowner, but light comes through the windows at will, and the view is breathtaking. Hot and cold dishes, vegetables, cheese .. included in the price even water. In good weather, dine on the outdoor terrace is almost a requirement. On Saturday instead faces a novelty: the possibility you book in advance, to make a “private brunch” in the cafeteria, always with the same menu and the same cost of Sunday.
Price/Prezzo: 20  euro

Brunch hours:  Saturday (reservation necessary) , Sundays / Sabato e Domenica 12.30 am – 15:30 pm
Address:  Via Nizza, 138, Roma , corner via Cagliari.
Tel: 06 8548274
{google_map}Via Nizza, 138, Roma(MACRO)({/google_map}

18) Vivi bistrot

Inside the beautiful Villa Pamphili, weekend brunch offers organic scrambled eggs with bacon and toast, yogurt with organic granola and organic honey, pancakes with maple syrup and coffee. There is also the ability to integrate with dishes from the menu. Everything from 9 to 14. And anyway, if there is a ray of sunshine, take off the whim to consume all in a corner of the garden or in front of the entrance to the back, filled with lavender. It is a place of enchantment, even if it’s raining outside or there is frost, when a fireplace warms the inside of the barn restored.

Price/ Prezzo: 16 euro escluding drinks

Brunch hours:  Saturday e Sundays / Sabato Domenica 9.30 am – 15:30 pm
Address:  villa Doria Pamphili, entrance of Via Vitellia 102, 00152  Roma.
Tel. 06 5827540
{google_map}Via Vitellia 102, 00152  Roma(Vivi Bistrot)({/google_map}

19) Baccano

Looks like a Parisian-style bistro wood, mirrors, creamy white, black and red napkin. Any suggestion will tease this beautiful place, you can think about during a tasty brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 to 16, with a la carte menu. It will be like landing on an island, a bubble of clear air, nell’accozzaglia guide that buzzes around.

Prezzo: il menu à la carte
Brunch hours:  Saturday e Sundays  11.00 am – 16:00 pm
Address: via delle Muratte, 23.
Tel. 06 69941166
{google_map}via delle Muratte 23,  Roma(Baccano)(‎){/google_map}

20) La Dogana

In Ostiense Area , way of the Port River in Rome is the scene of the new megaristorante: 1600 square meters dedicated to all ethnic cuisine. A little ‘buffet, a little’ market, a little ‘restaurant, a little’ cocktail bar. The evolution of Chinese restaurants at all!
he rich menu offers inf acts both specialties of meat and fish to satisfy all kinds of tastes, even the most demanding.

Price: Lunch Menu from monday to friday € 12.90 , saturday & sunday € 13.90
          Dinner menu from monday to friday € 18.90 , saturday & sunday € 19.90

Open daily
lunch from 12 am to 15 pm
Dinner from 19 to 24:00
Address: Via del Porto Fluviale, 67b – 00154  Roma
Phone: (06) 57.40.260
Fax: (06) 57.44.103
{google_map}Via del Porto Fluviale, 67b – 00154  Roma(La Dogana)(‎){/google_map}

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