Santa Severa Castle, a treasure to be discovered

It is nearby Rome, but only a few people know it, may be because it has been often closed? The Santa Severa Castle stars today a new life, the beautiful place by the sea is now open.

There are at least three reasons to visit it. First it is a very remarkable public site open to everyone, than you run like in a time lapse through 2.500 years and finally the unique location allow you to spend a wonderful day at the sea, even with you family.

Just think to time travel and the professional tourist guide will help you. 500 meters of precious remains: the Etruscan Pyrgi, the Roman Castrum, the Medieval Castel and the Reinassence village. Really wonderful panoramic view from the tower and the courts. Moreover, one ticket allows you to visit four museums where you find archeological remains from the underwater and religious closed areas.

The most impressive buildings are the roman, medieval and reinassance one, even if the recent excavations and restorations discovered an imperial roman villa and the three naves paleocristian church of Sanata Severa together with the graveyard where more than 400 skeletons were found.

The ambitious Regione Lazio, Santa Marinella Municipality, Civic Museum’s Director Flavio Enei and the tireless volunteers (Archeological Cerite Group) project includes the new exhibition area together with the rich events and conferences plan. All that together with the sea book shop and the other services make your visit even more interesting. 

A very impressive cultural site, that together with a walk along the beach and a sunset rest by the sea will give you a very pleasant day.

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1) Sea level: one metre higher than the roman age level, the cost line is backwarded even of some kilometres.

2) River port: underwater ruins of the ancient Pyrgi’s river port were found in front of the Castle, where the rich boats trading took place. 

3) Local ruins: by the local Museums, the Valle Giulia Etruscan Museum and the Vatican one, moreover abroad. The very famous Etruscan leafs found by the Pyrgi’s Temple are by the Banca d’Italia’s vault.  

4) Skeleton: the bones’ analysis let scientits drow poeple and place detailed history.

5) Emperor Nerone’s father: Domizio Enobarbo died in Pyrgi (40 a.c.)

Main photo

The Castle was built on the Roman Castrum ruins, that was born on the Etruscan Pyrgi village.

Photo 1 Baptyster’s frescos

The well preserved Baptistery’s frescos were comlpleted by the 1505. 

Photo 2 Underground polygonal Roman walls

There are polygonal Roman ruins’ walls on the northen side and underground from the legania house.

Photo 3 Panoramic view from the internal courtyard

You can see the most beautiful panoramic views from the so called Saracen Tower and from the internal courtyards.

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