Sauteed cabbage and broccoli

Sauteed cabbage and broccoli for 6 person

1 medium cauliflower 400 gr
1 Sicilian broccoli 400 gr
1 Roman broccoli 400 gr
4 garlic cloves
4 tablespoons of Olio Evo
2 cups of boiling water

These flowers / fruits of the season I saw them give away in a bunch for the graduation of a university classmate. To the women the roses to the men cabbage and broccoli. Beautiful fruits and therefore suitable for any occasion.

In Italy we are so, proud of our vegetables so much to be able to choose them with a symbolic reward!

In this recipe we will use them as a savory side dish or main course for vegetarians. The biochemical characteristics of these vegetables make them suitable for replacing different dishes in a balanced diet. Stirring them in a pan with garlic and Evo oil will then also become very nutritious.

If you do not want to weigh down the air of the kitchen or of the house when cooking these foods, you only have to be careful not to cover the vegetables if they have not been cooked.

It is difficult to choose to use the technique indicated by me and to resist the temptation to simply boil these vegetables. Jumping directly into the pan requires more attention to the pan but never disappoints.


Clean as in the picture the fruits depriving them of the leaves part or harder.

Cut them into equal pieces (of similar size) and wash them.


Then sauté cabbage and broccoli all together putting them in a large skillet where you will cook until golden garlic cloves.

Add boiling water two or three ladles and cook.

Add salt at the end and choose the cooking point you prefer. These cooked about twenty minutes on high heat and were turned often.

Many prefer them more crisp (much more raw) but that is a matter of personal choices in which I do not intend to enter. I love the crunchy effect on other foods but this is a defect of the old Italian home school. It is from experience that many other populations (eg Americans or Asians) love the crunchy even on green beans …

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