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If you are looking for information regarding documents, events, work, health, or anything else in Rome, you can take advantage of a new efficient service offered by the ‘Comune di Roma’: 060606. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 060606. You will quickly find friendly operators ready to assist you. Some of them (only at selected hours) speak foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Arabic.

Italian paperwork

Everybody whoys Italians have a problem for bureaucracy. To be more exact, they have a fetish for papers, stamps, certificates, and even faxes. The problem is not limited to the public administration; bureaucracy is imprignated in the Italian culture. The government, in the last ten years, has actually succeded in limiting bureaucracy and paperwork. Private companies haven’t even thought about it yet. At the top of the list is another fetish: Lettera Raccomandata. It’s a letter that’s sent with the request for a receipt. Italians communicate with those letters, no matter what they do. You want to close a bank account? Instead of going to the bank to make a request, go to the post office. Wait half an hour in line, and compile endless paperwork with three times redundant information. When the bank receives the letter, they’ll believe you. If you communicate face to face, they won’t.


Codice Fiscale

Very similar to the American Social Security Number, a codice fiscale is a combination of letters and numbers that gives you a fiscal identity. More»

Permesso di Soggiorno

Foreigners must apply for a residence permit within eight work days upon arrival in Italy. Duration of residence permit will comply with the visa. More»

The accreditataion procedure for foreign journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Accreditation Office for foreign journalists is located in the Press and Information Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Piazzale della Farnesina 1…. (more info.).

Identity Card

An Identity Card for foreigners and stateless persons is a personal identification document valid everywhere in Italy. Go to your local Municipio (ex Circoscrizione) and bring your passport and proof of ID. The document is normally released within 45 minutes.

Employment Card
A document indicating redundant information from other documents. Useless from a practical point of view, symbolizes the excesses of Italian bureaucracy.

Certificate of Italian Language for Foreigners
This title can be used either to join university or start professional activities both in Italy and in foreign countries requiring the knowledge of the Italian language. The Certificate of Italian as Foreign Language will be released after taking an exam. Any foreigner may apply for enrollment at UPTER – Via del Corso 101 – Tel. 06 69 20 431.

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