The name DANCE JAM
The line-up:
vocals Lucy Campeti
drums Andrea Ruta
keyboards Cristina Tomasi
bass Leonardo Caucci Molara

Having said that for those who do not know them, I can say that listening to them they really make you dream.
High-level 80s/90s music, a close-knit group, Lucy’s beautiful and stimulating voice, the technique and skill on the instruments, and Cristina’s not insignificant presence make them enthralling and enthralling, and after a while you realise that you feel at home there and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
The spacious and comfortable venue gave many people the chance to dance to the beat, the music, always with excellent acoustics, never disturbed. It was a truly exciting evening, one of those healthy evenings where you eat, drink and enjoy yourself without going out of tune.
It was lucky and now it will be a pleasure to follow this fantastic group.

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