Regarding Eros sculptures by Teddy Carraro

The exhibition Teddy Carraro “LOVE, FOR LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGE CREATURES” The open next Thursday January 12, 2017 in Rome at Loft Gallery Apace MatEr under the direction of Sergi Ilaria.

Sculptures and drawings of lovers and love will fill us with sensual looks of tenderness, joy and inebriate our souls. Eros told on the subject. Always the sculpture tells of passion and love, from Rodin to Bernini, today the bronze sculptures of Teddy Carraro remind us. Plots of matter that you leave and will resume, light and full of poetry.

Short interview to Ilaria Sergi, Director Loft Gallery Space Mater

1) Ilaria speak before the tunnel that houses this splendid exhibition, where does it all and why?

The Loft Gallery Space Mater born from the experience of its founders – Ilaria Sergi and Gerd Miribung – that for over ten years working in art and communication sector. The exhibition space has opened to the public in September 2015 in one of the most charming places of the capital a few steps from the Colosseum, in the historical Rione Monti. A totally dedicated to art and contemporary culture, in a new formula of “Art House”. A loft in full New York style, with corner bistro, intimate and multisensory, stretched to an international role. The space has large vaulted stone – according to typical buildings Capitoline twenties – is on two floors with three large windows on the street, overlooking the historic Piazza Iside. The objective of the Loft Gallery is the widest possible opening to the contemporary, it declined in every formula: painting, sculpture, design, photography, digital art. Over the first 16 months of activity, they have exhibited in Gallery 17 artists, 10 of which are officially represented in Italy and all ‘foreign.

2) How did the exhibition project of Teddy Carraro?

Teddy Carraro fully represents our willingness to be present on the international market and follow curators as a kind of refined elegance, where the constant is the main continuous artistic research. His experience of over forty years in the art, from America to Europe ‘is an artistic journey that fully embraces the “contamination philosophy” of our gallery, also as a bridge and link with the different kinds and stages of contemporary art .

3) A project where the matter is about love and passion?

A show where emotions take shape in the sculptures folds. Images that are part of the experience and the experience of the artist who seeks to “stop them” in his works, which are born innate and sudden as a free movement of the soul.

4) Figures to read women, racehorses or free angels in heaven, reminiscent of the works of our masters of the past, tell us …

Yes, the art of Teddy Carraro is truly a bridge between us and the great masters of the past. Watching his Angels or the sculptures of her “Lovers” is almost impossible not to return to the Angels Osvaldo Licini, more direct pictorial transposition of a wandering temperament, erotic, heretical: roam free in a cloudless sky having under them the line that evokes the earth and the sea or revise Russian painting Mikhail Koulakov where the Angel becomes a “Father Angelo” ultimate expression “artistic -religiosa” the second Russian avant-garde. Those of Teddy Carraro are Angels in light and sensual bronze, immersed in a restful sleep, or just fallen from the sky according to every free interpretation, and seem to capture the moment when called by the Lord take “substantive” form for the next step in the happy event of the earthly world.

5) In addition to the contemporary, you want to express this artist?

Teddy Carraro is a ‘free artist from contemporary even though it is the child at the same time. His freedom is his real strength. The blue of his Sea it is the artistic expression.

6) Which sculptural technique uses?

The works are made of bronze with the technique of lost wax process.

7) Like a blast from the past with a vision of this … how the artist interprets it through his works?

Impetuous and full of hope that is the vision of Teddy Carraro Present.

8) What kind of emotions you want to give to the public?

We would like to immerse each visitor in a beauty sea. Right now we have great need, especially in Rome, beauty ideas and possibilities. Culture remains the only tool for dialogue and interconnection. This would be the most desirable outcome for the exhibition and for our gallery.

9) the exhibition will be represented as?

The staff will be developed on two floors of the Loft Gallery in an artistic and narrative along that path by lovers shall cleave to the Angels through the imaginary flight of Horses Etruscans who Teddy Carraro was inspired.

10) These works fully reflect today’s society very complex in love and desire … it seems that you want stop the time for a while..

The experience of a woman artist is definitely “immersive” in the representation of emotions. The desire, that movement want overcome its limitations, is well represented by the put in motion of his horses, fearless animal implants or from embracing the future of the two “lovers” who seem to want to embrace the world in an intimacy sometimes difficult to achieve or interpret.

11) Future projects of the artist?

Teddy Carraro, already present in numerous galleries and museums, national and international, from 2017, will also be represented in Rome from our gallery which will start an exhibition that will arrive from Rome, this fall, in New York.


In sculptural weavings of hands and loving arms – as in the bronze “The Lovers” – that become angels or dreamy intrepid horses, Teddy Carraro plasma History of the Passion and of ‘Love evoking the most courageous and important love stories, told not only from art history but also from literature, such as those of Heloise and Ebelardo, involved in a passionate love that defeated all the conventions and codes of love present at the time.

The expressive power of Teddy Carraro bronzes revives strong that love to overcome all the divine and human laws, that so intense passion to be kept intact, even after the painful separation and such a strong bond to survive even the mutilation of the body and silence of the monasteries in the case of the two French lovers, where they locked them both for the rest of life. Silence interrupted by an exchange of letters, among the most beautiful and poignant of literature, in which the two lovers were able to rejoin spiritually, retracing their personal and tragic story, transforming the original carnal passion, in a sublime relationship of complete merger intellectual. The Letters of Abelard and Heloise seem so take material form in the light of Teddy Carraro sculptures keeping alive and throbbing, after centuries, their deep love example of how the search for a new and difficult inner equilibrium goes through the transformation of eroticism the meat to the more seductive eroticism of the logos, in which the philosophical implications, theological and moral, free intellect, a prisoner of carnality and hand him over to eternity of the spirit, to reach the highest peaks of absolute love.

And this form of “Love” is expressed by ‘American Artist not only in lovers or sculptures of angels or of intrepid horses but also in 9 and delicate at the same time intense painted canvases by one of the elements related to the artist, the’ water, in one of the places dearest to her, Mare. Then there are the angels, who in Osvaldo Licini painting are the most direct pictorial transposition of a wandering temperament, erotic, heretical: roam free in a cloudless sky having under them the line that evokes the earth and the sea. The sign is clear and safe and he uses it naturally to build a space without geometric constraints; aerial calligraphies harden at times in sketching the face of angels, impalpable yet implacable; in Russian painting Mikhail Koulakov the Angel becomes a Father Angelo, maximum “-religious artistic” expression of the second Russian avant-garde. Those of Teddy Carraro are Angels in light and sensual bronze, immersed in a restful sleep, or just fallen from the sky according to every free interpretation, and seem to capture the moment when called by the “substantive” form for the next step in the happy event of the earthly world.

As an artistic and intellectual union of this exhibition here is finally the horses in bronze. Exciting equestrian sculptures pay tribute not only to the Etruscan culture but to the whole art history from the 20s to today. As Teddy says Carraro “the Horse is definitely the animal from a symbolic point of view it is more rooted in the traditions and in the memory of every people on the earth. He holds symbolism multiple and often conflicting, according to the myths, legends and even magical meanings which he held at the various populations. the horse is connected both to the fire – also a symbol of passion – as is often shown in most of the Nordic and continental European mythology – that water, as in classical Greek mythology. ”

How Not to mention the “Dynamism work of a running horse- case”, the 1919 Boccioni’s Futurist symbol for which the horse is a dear and beloved reason, used as a symbol of the dynamism, to give the idea of ​​movement , since the values ​​on which it intends to base the futuristic world view are those of speed and unbridled activism regarded as distinctive of the modern industrial enterprise. But is this speed that the artist sensuality of Teddy Carraro contrasts, presenting an exhibition of refined elegance and perfection.


Teddy Carraro was born in Dallas, Texas by sculptor father and a mother designer, living and growing up in a climate of art. After graduating in History of Art in Texas he moved to Italy: Tuscany continued his studies in painting and photography; in Carrara and Pietrasanta he has specialized in sculpture. After Italians, he moved to Mexico, where he completed his Masters in Artes Plasticas (sculpture) from the Universidad de Mexico. She returned to Europe in 2001 and opened his own atelier in Agno in Switzerland where she works and teaches. His bronze works are cast using the lost wax process. His interests are divided between bronze and marble sculpture and painting in oil and acrylic. His works are found in museums and private collections in: U.S.A., Italy, Mexico, Spain, Russia, France, England, Greece, Austria and Cuba.

From 12 to 26 January 2017 in Rome at the Loft Gallery Mater Space,

Via Ludovico Muratori 11 (Piazza Iside).

The exhibition, free entry, will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 15.30 to 19.30, or by appointment.

Opening: Thursday, January 12, 2017, from 18.30


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