Ex Markets Ostiense: among charm and I degrade

I have always been spellbound from that building that I saw to perceive from the subway, but even more from the fact that nobody gave her attentions, and it was so that I did him/it me.
The general markets have become an urban symbol as well as of I degrade and of promises ever maintained from political and entrepreneurs;

A first part of the structure was opened in 1922, but wanted us other years to end the whole complex; it was a place of prosperity and exchange commodities for many years up to 2004 where she was closed and transferred.
Innumerable times you/he/she has been postponed the project of retraining of the area, but the intrigues of the politics have made to divide from zero for the nth time the project of renovation of this area; unfortunately the society ago its game and he/she leaves its wake to the citizens, burdening only to herself.

We don’t remain but to wait that an area of more then 80.000 square meters is rehabilitated, giving place to open spaces and public structures, instead that supermarket and parking at a meter.

These are some images going up again in September 2016 where we can notice the fascinating one I degrade that it covers the general markets of the Ostiense.


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