Fabrizio Frizzi

Fabrizio Frizzi flew in the sky and if there is one person among all, who deserves a place in the sky, he is among them!
The public knows him as a TV personality, but his big heart was also seen as an artist, his friendliness, his education and his composure, always ready to give a smile, a handshake and a pat on the shoulder, to anyone, important people and less important people, Fabrizio’s charisma was his simplicity and spontaneity with everyone, but Fabrizio had a secret that hid in his sensitive soul, a strength that allowed him to always smile and have a word of consolation. for everyone, even in difficult moments of his life, like when his daughter Stella, who has entrusted to the Madonna, was about to be born, or in the last times when he was struck by the stroke and he confided in the intercession of Padre Pio … that Padre Pio that certainly gave him more time, even if only a few months, from the first illness that hit him, until the hemorrhage of a few days ago, that on the night of March 24th he took it away forever !
But it was precious time to be near his loved ones, his wife and his Stella, and to greet one last time his beloved audience, who has always considered him as “one of the family” and who showed a huge affection in his regards.
When he went for the first time to Pietralcina in the Church of Padre Pio, in front of the body of the Saint, he was moved, and from that experience he remained always bound to Padre Pio …
Frizzi, however, has always had a special devotion to Our Lady, entrusting her to his loved ones and every single day of his life, a devotion so strong with the Celestial Mother that drove him to go to Lourdes several times and to transform the his pilgrimage on a mission, accompanying the sick in that land of hope, watered by the holy love of the Virgin Mary.
Fabrizio saw in the looks of the suffering, who accompanied the Madonna of Lourdes, that light that is difficult to perceive in the outlooks of ordinary people, and this was nourished and nourished his faith, as he often said, talking about his experience at Lourdes: “in the eyes of those sick I discovered the strength of hope and the courage to want to fight for life”, seem prophetic words, his, because he too struggled for life in recent times, but not only, has struggled and also fought to save the lives of others, he did so by donating the bone marrow to Valeria Favorito, an 11-year-old girl from Sicily, suffering from leukemia, and saved her life! Today Valeria is 30 years old and owes her future to Fabrizio Frizzi who with his gesture gave him hope … the same one that he had stolen in the eyes of the sick in Lourdes!
Fabrizio after years of silence has unveiled his selfless gesture publicly, but he did so for a single simple reason as he said: “I thought it was not enough to ask for the availability of people on TV. draw attention to the need for donations ”
Fabrizio therefore was a man of faith but also of concreteness, he believed and put into practice the word of the Gospel: “Love one another as I have loved you”, in fact faith without works does not bear its fruits and before then it will make us “sterile in the soul” …
This is why Fabrizio had also become an organ donor, and was the Testimonial of the “World Organ Donation Campaign” promoted by the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital Institute which I directed as director …
The last solidarity project that Fabrizio left us before his departure … as he always did with his heart and with his familiar and reassuring smile that characterized him …
in the film he played The Happy Prince, the extraordinary and moving fable of Oscar Wilde …
and maybe it’s the character that most reflects him as a man … a person who has always given all of himself in life and wanted to continue doing it even after his death … with his organs that will go on to continue to feed hopes, dreams, beats and breaths, to whom thanks to his altruism he will continue to live!
And for this I want to remember it with the words of Prince Felix, who himself pronounced interpreting the work:
“When I was alive and I had a human heart I did not know what tears were, because I lived in the palace where the pain has no access. The day I played with my friends in the garden, and in the evening I drove the dances in the Hall. The garden was surrounded by a very high wall, but I never asked what was on the other side, so beautiful was everything around me. The courtiers called me the Happy Prince, and I was really happy, if pleasure is happiness. So I lived. And so I died. And now that I died they put me up here, so high that I can see all the ugliness and misery of my city.

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