Fashion & Shopping Tour : Vintage Rione Monti

It is a dedicated circuit to Art & Fashion combination, a tour through the studios and shops in the I. District of Rome, the core District above Mercati di Traiano and aside Colosseo, Rione Monti.

The Tour unfolds in three hours of trail between boutiques, workshops, exhibitions, cafes and bars selected by the delightful Italian-English bilingual guide, Sara Snaidero. Sara was born and raised here in the I. District, therefore is a fresh living witness of the neighborhood essence, steeped in decades of artisan shops by local artisan. While growing she has specialized in Communication and Fashion.

Sara has selected a precise path amongst design ateliers, tailor shops, vintage and second-hand, as counterpoint offers a coffee break or an aperitif in a niche area that still preserves its bohemian air. A historical and graceful at the same time zone, propped up by locals who lived in for generations after generations indeed along centuries, by creative Italian class and Roman intelligentsia. Monti is permeated by its classical Roman vein yes, though painted off with intense underground, avant-garde and even eclectic nuances, than other neighborhoods and districts of the city do not have.

Sara, in this tour ensures her customers a 10% discount on purchased items.

The tour can be individual (VIP Tour) or group (SHARED Tour), the cost varies but is pleasant in both cases and the cost very fair for all they offer (15€/pax): it begins with a historical presentation of the district, its crafts and creative elements from past till present, after this point she opens the immense sipario.

Search Sara Snaidero on – the tailor made holiday website

Meanwhile, Saturday December 6th 2014 “put your red shoes on” and come along rocking boutiques and artists between 16.00 and 19.00 hours with the FASHION & SHOPPING TOUR: Vintage Rione Monti. Let me know how it all went and how much you were pleased to discover this opportunity!

See you there, in Piazza della Suburra (exit of Metro B Cavour).
{google_map}Piazza della Suburra, 00184 Roma{/google_map}

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