finche-vita-non-ci-separi_teatroGiorgia Trasselli and Enzo Caserta are the stars, at the Teatro della Cometa November 2 to 20, 2016, FINCHÉ VITA NON CI SEPARI (in english AS LONG AS THERE LIFE APART) – That Long live to The Newlyweds by Gianni Clementi, directed by Vanessa Gasbarri. 

We admired on stage also Federica Quaglieri, Luigi Pisani and Alessandro Salvator.finche-vita-non-ci-separi_teatro_giorgia-rasselli_enzo-casertano_federica-quaglieri_luigi-pisani_alessandro-salvator

“Finchè la vita non ci separi, As long as life do us part”, in stage up to 20 November 2016 at the Teatro La Cometa in Rome, it reminds us that ‘life’ (the real one!) may have the force of a tornado.
This is what happens in the house Midnight during the preparations of the wedding of his son.
Suddenly breaks through the “life” to break the balance of a simple middle-class family.
The play then gives way to a seasoned drama comedy.
Consciousness, represented by the nice “hair stylist” Miriam, is defeated by the invincible force of hypocrisy, the attitude of a family now anchored off time values.
A praise to the director Vanessa Gasbarri which has succeeded in a thrilling play guaranteeing representation not to be missed.

     Enrico Ragna



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