scena---foto-di-guido_mencari_lausanne_go_down_mosesAt Teatro Argentina is staged until January 18 in the first national show of the new Romeo Castellucci. GO DOWN, MOSES is the myth as exile from his being present and the contemporary entering the myth. As a mechanical roller that turns on itself, there is in our time, something that clings desperately to the origins. Abandonment in a dumpster at the waters of the Nile, from the blood of a public bathroom to the Red Sea, from slavery to the people without law, the main character disappears in the immense and booming scene, in a back and forth continuous narrative without a too decoded chronological order. Exasperated the maternal cry of pain in a silent plea for help and deliverance, the characters – like the slaves of America to see which song title – always remain imprisoned on this side of their own representation, which covers concepts, feelings and objects, rather than on the biographical account of the biblical prophet, transforming it in different moments of his dark revelation.

staging, sets, lights, costumesby Romeo Castellucci
texts by Claudia Castellucci and Romeo Castellucci
music Scott Gibbons
A production Societas Raffaello Sanzio
with Rascia Darwish, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Luca Nava, Stefano Questorio, Sergio Scarlatella

Photos by Guido Mencari

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