THE SEAGULL by Anton Cechov

 il gabbiano (18)-2On stage in Rome until January 25, The Factory of the Actor and the Theatre Vascello in collaboration with the Society Lafabbrica have a theater classic directed by Fabiana Iacozzilli and Simone Barraco, Jacopo Maria Bicocchi, Elisa Bongiovanni, Luigi Di Pietro, Francesca Farcomeni, William Guidi, Anna Mallamaci, Ramona Nardo, Benjamin Stender, Paolo Zuccari. The human drama and artistic protagonist Konstantin ( Benjamin Stender ) is projected here, as in the text, all the characters: the mother Arkadina ( Francesca Farcomeni ) futile and vain actress, Nina ( Anna Mallamaci ), young enthusiastic theater; by the famous writer Trigorin ( Paolo Zuccari ) who does not even know what to write, to Masha ( Elisa Bongiovanni ), the unhappy and disillusioned by life. But is he, Kostya towards incorporating tenaciously centripetal all evil, until the final expropriation, the irrisarcibile revenge against himself. His anxiety of life and especially love that drags him to the frustrating search for success, clashes with the inevitable threat of loneliness and alienation; the counterparty winning is renunciation, sublimated in the lifeless body of a seagull, tragedy and worthy prelude coveted trophy of a destiny unconscious and predictable. But it is bad without sinners, piety without penalty, a lie without masks, without a scene scenes. There is clear and effective jumble of objects, subjects, and not inanimate; There are no tricks, no deception, and everything is on the surface too. Life must be simply walking balanced on the edge of this unforgivable superficiality with the risk of slipping into things, to look at them from below, and finally not being able to go back. From here there is only a step to the madness and everything else is dead.

From January 13 to 25 Tuesday to Saturday 21 h – 18 h Sunday Sala Giancarlo Nanni Entertainment produced with the assistance of the Transversal Actions – Training / Promotion / Creative Residence by the International Centre La Cometa

select company at the Festival of Enchantment

Photo by Valeria Tomasulo

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