the return of Daniele Stefani with the song “Generazione thirty years”

After “Italiani”, the first single by Daniele Stefani who got a great appreciation from the press and the radio and that marked the important reunion between the singer-songwriter and his historical producer Giuliano Boursier, today comes the single “Generazione Trentenni” that continues the presentation of his new discographic project to be released next year.

 «The song describes in an ironic way my generation – tells Daniele Stefani about his single – divided between the carefree memory of the past and the precariousness of our time, the worries and clichés and the difficulty of relating to the characteristic features of a younger generation.
The video, embellished by the cameo of Germano Lanzoni (actor of the “Milanese Imbruttito”, “the Third Secret of Satire” and historical voice for AC Milan), presents the other side of the medal or the spasmodic attempt to feel young, the eternal Peter Pan, adapting to the fashions of the moment ».

Daniele Stefani, a life for music. It is the simplest and at the same time most eloquent definition for the journey that Daniele has made in these over 30 years of music.
His vocal and musical talent is recognized since his adolescence: at 16 he already stages the stages of live performances and at 20 he makes his first album “AMANTI EROI”, thanks to which he reaches satisfactions, fame, notoriety and great results: the single launch “A day of love” has become a hit and even today turns out to be a workhorse for Daniel so much to be entered after a time in the repertoire of the film “GOMORRA”.

The results obtained led him in the summer of 2002 on the stage of Festivalbar and soon after on the undisputed stage of Italian music: the Sanremo Festival. We are in 2003, Daniele presents “Chiaraluna”, which becomes one of the most appreciated songs of the singer-songwriter.
In 2004 he dedicated himself to the preparation of a new album. “Now or never” sees the light in 2005.
In 2008 he will release his third album: “Starting point”.
Daniele begins to travel … and travels between Italy, England and America in search of new worlds of sound, life and new stimuli: human and musical. He plays in theaters, in pubs, on the street with ordinary people, but also with famous musicians. He plays to live but also to make sense of his life.
In 2013 he released “People and Places”, the first single in English resulting from great international collaborations. A duet with Ben-V Pierrot, leader of the world-famous historic band Curiosity killed the cat. In the same year Daniele left for Chile and began a career in Latin America.

He became the protagonist of the Spanish version of the musical “CATS”, Recita in Teleseries and in May 2014 he released his first album in Spanish “Siento la distancia”. The single that gives the title to the album is programmed in Chile by the most important radios of the genre. The album contains only one song in Italian, a duet with Alberto Plaza, one of the most respected songwriters in all of South America, who for the first time decides to sing in Italian and does so with a song written by Daniele.
The return to Italy brings Daniel to write new songs and then the desire to go out with a new record. After “Italiani” arrives “Generazione Trentenni”, the second single of this new project coming soon.
The song is catchy and somewhat radio-like, a completely new style by Daniele Stefani of the beginning with the summer tormentone of 2013 “Un giorno d’amore”.
While the song “Italiani”, in which the extraordinary participation of Lorella Cuccarini appears in the video, is a very catchy and musical piece with more international sounds, where the original style of the artist is more recognizable.

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