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isole_pontine_palmarola_vista isole_pontine_islands_mapIt’s wonderful to feel at home while being in a paradise . Also this year, whatever season is it, as soon as possible we take off ,looking for marvellous sea and exceptional seabed. Maldives, Madagascar, Egypt, our Sardinia, and then find my self a few miles from home and almost regret not having spent more time with these islands, so close but, after so many years, so amazing. The Pontine Islands really are one of Italy’s bestkept secrets.


Pontine islands :Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone and Gavi to the northwest, and Ventotene and Santo Stefano to the southeast. There afe around 22 nautical miles between these two groups.

hspace=5The sea, with its clear, deep waters, makes these idealic islands, especially far those who love sub-aqua activities, but the wide sequence of headlands, caves, bays, points, ,and beaches, all of incomparable beauty make Pontine islands the most extraordinary group of islands in the Tyrrhenian sea for anyone , because of the variety of their coastlines, the colours of the rocks, the attractive villages and the small ports in pure Mediterranean style.isole_pontine_ponza_arco_naturale isole_pontine_palmarola_vista_aerea isole_pontine_ponza_grotte_caves isole_pontine_palmarola_caves_grotta_mezzogiorno

Known for crystal clear waters in varying shades of blue, which surround these land masses created by ancient volcanic activity, the Pontine islands offer very much to tourists. The rocks of tufa, because of the wind and the frequent sea storms, have been modelled, the spectacular and bright colours give the islands a particular hspace=5charm and a surprising beauty also due to the wide coasts variety, with suggestive bays and inlets appreciable from the sea or by choosing fascinating walks through the history and nature of the islands along some fascinating lanes.

Ponza is a must, the main island and in the middle of the Pontine Islands, also appreciated by all the tourists who do not practice diving, offers bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs as well as beaches , as Chiaia di Luna, headlands, coves, bays of incomparable beauty.
The island is famed for its grotto, some of them natural and other which were created by Etruscans, as the Serpents Grotto and the Roman Gallery which is a Roman tunnel to connect the town of Ponza to the large beach called Chiaia di Luna, and for Egypitian, Greek, and Phoenician Necropoli ruins.

hspace=5But if you love solitude and living in wild nature Palmarola is the most charming place you can find. the most western and the second largest of the Pontine islands. The island lies approximately 6 miles from Ponza.

From a geological point of view the island offers remarkable curiosities such as the oxidianic rock in its northern part, and limestone cliffs that emphasize its perfectly transparent clear blu sea.

The color of the sea is extraordinary, full of life, of nuances, of caves and passages above and below the water, islands that make fall in love those who love relax and snorkeling as well as more experienced divers. A casket of wonders a few steps from Rome.

This corner of paradise is connected by fast ferry to Anzio (departure at 8.30 or 9:25 and return from Ponza at 17:00 or so.)and and can be reached by ferry from Naples (Napoli), Terracina, Formia.
The ferry companies which navigate to the pontine islands are Vetor, Caremar and Snap.

hspace=5But to really enjoy these enchanting places is absolutely necessary to have a boat at your disposal. To be delighted from sea and sea-beds which have an average depth ranging from 3 to 50 metres to experience magical emotions in a totally unspoilt environment. Ventotene is an excellent scuba diving location. The cliff walls drop off underwater not far from shore and offers a wide variety of underwater life which is virtually undisturbed.

hspace=5The ideal solution is to book a motor yacht, which allows holiday start from the first moment of sailing with all the comforts available, and to reach the Pontine islands in just 40 minutes, departing from the port of Circeo or Terracina. This let you to turn a weekend in a wonderful two days of sea full immersion.

You can sleep in Ponza island, enjoying good food (the cuisine has been influenced both by Rome and by Naples, and offers an endless variety of fish-based dishes) , and breathtaking views, and determine times and places for your holiday on sea, or being advised by crew, friendly and skillful in diving, if you are not expert in the area.

So you could have breakfast in Ponza and be carried then to Palmarola, wilder and not inhabited, for me the true pearl of the archipelago. defined from Folco Quilici one of the most beautiful emerged from the sea lands of our planet.

These islands are really beautiful, over and under the sea. Just think about it to really be on vacation, turning a weekend in the most beautiful moment of the holiday, as it happens to me every time I return to these enchanted places. Just think about it to be there.


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