The Nature of Flavia Dodi and her expressive freedom …

Dragonfly is the title of the exhibition of FLAVIA Dodi at RvB Arts. Its aesthetic design approach through painting is full of trials and reminds us of the far Japan through the uncluttered lines, strikes us with color, light and rapid movement in one of the detailed study of nature through space. So we see Dragonflies free, intense, read in a union and opposition between high and low, positive and negative, strength and lightness, Ying and Yang painting that brings to mind a new awareness … check wherever the soul of the artist and the color, essential in his quest.

Let interview the artist before admired her exhibition in Rome …

1- How to start your artistic career?

It begins spontaneously, since childhood I used the drawing and painting to communicate, just as all children do. Childhood works are the high point in the career of each artist, are the expression of the unfiltered original strength. Then I continued the search for expressive needs. Maintaining an intimate and personal relationship with painting I always continued to paint parallel to my studies of architecture.

2-What is the meaning of your creative experience?

in a nutshell, I would say: to express and represent a flow and a circularity in which the boundaries between an object and the other are intangible, illusory and therefore real. In the paintings, dragonflies,we go towards the light and at the same time are light.

3-Your poetic artistic sense brings you closer to Asia, particularly to Japan in my opinion, how?

Asia is for me a real world and imaginary at the same time. This gives me the opportunity to explore with your imagination. The pictorial language is a result of something that flows through the people, that the painter interprets leaving cross.

4-Tell us in detail how to work a work and uses techniques?

The fund is the first gesture that is done on canvas. It is “the source.” And ‘the expression of a primordial force, a source material. Following work on the composition and light. Through repeated use of a simple element of the swarm of dragonflies takes shape. The set of flight and movement represents for me the inner strength, more refined than the raw physical, but equally necessary. As well as in reality, also in the works, they are complementary and both are essential for the achievement of a balance that harmony ports.

5- The detection work? When do you think?

I think the answer is contained in the previous

6- Which artists do you admire today or in the past?

If I reply without too much thinking: Goya, Velasquez, Shitao, Piranesi, Nolde, implicitly or explicitly are present in these works. But there are many others that I like

7- Your creative process touches the human soul through a union with nature in an orderly, almost architectural, as important today this relationship with the nature?

Given that the word “order” is understood here as “harmony”, nature has its own order, always and unquestionably perfect, constantly evolving. Every living creature has vital need of this kind of natural order. The architecture is present in the method and composition. This method is necessary for the achievement of a project, of any type it is. In this case, the method it needs to express the evolution of the natural balance between light and dark, which expresses the essence of painting.

8- The color what is important to you?

Very important to sound subtle emotional vibrations, which find their raison d’être why put in relation with net compositional structures and decided.

9- The contrast Ying / Yong? What it means for you?

The life cycle and continuous evolution

10- Your future project?

Deeper search by directing attention towards the ancient painting both West and East in order to find the representation of the feelings that these two worlds produce in me.

11- How life affects the work done?

In a direct way, they are the same thing.

12- What would you give to your audience through your works?

A pause, a dialogue, a moment of inner listening.

The Artist

Flavia Dodi was born in Rome in 1975.
From early childhood begins spontaneously to use the drawing as a means of expression, learning the technical basics as autodidact. Complying with the great love of drawing and illuminating discovery of the work of Le Corbusier, he graduated in architecture at the University La Sapienza of Rome. In parallel to higher education carries on the free-hand drawing and painting. In his works prevails silent dimension of introspective journey. Evolutions, rotations, translations and tensions tend to the harmony of the composition, and the repeated use of simple pictorial elements are the basis of the artist’s language.

Dragonfly, The exhibition by Flavia Dodi
Via Giulia 193, 00186 Roma

Open until Saturday, February 18 2017
Hours: 11: 00-13: 30 and 16: 00-19: 30; Sunday and Monday closed
Organization: Michael von Büren RvB Arts
Critical text: Viviana Quattrini

RvB Arts info (+39) 06.6869505 | (+39)

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