Mahmood wins Sanremo 2019!

Mahmood wins the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival with the song “soldi”, was founded in Milan in 1992 by Italian mother and Egyptian father, in 2012 participates in the sixth edition of X Factor on Sky, in 2015 won Area Sanremo and in 2016 enters as a competitor to Sanremo young people.

The various prizes of the critics have all gone to: Simone Cristicchi and Daniele Silvestri, last ranked Nino D’Angelo.We have witnessed an exciting final in Sanremo 2019!

With Eros Ramazzotti, who finally returns to the Ariston after 35 years from his first participation in Sanremo, in 1984, where he won with Promised Land among the new proposals, 35 years ago!

On the stage of Sanremo he sang along with another Big of the international music Luis Fonsi, who in 2018 sold 18 million records with his “despacido” … «Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito, nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito …»
The song Ramazzotti / Fonsi in the album “Vita” has just been released in 100 countries worldwide, distributed by Polydor.

Another highlight of the evening was the performance of Elisa, with her absolutely extraordinary voice, she gave moments of pure emotion, in a duet also with Baglioni, in homage to the great Luigi Tenco, with the song “vedrai, vedrai”.
In addition to music, the attention of the Festival has also fallen on the look of the singers, from the classic and sensual elegance of Anna Tatangelo’s grand gala dress to the super sophisticated one by Patty Pravo with goose feathers to the sexy look and aggressive by Loredana Berte ‘!

Great controversy has accompanied the performance of Achille Lauro, with his “Rolls Royce”, which implicitly incites the use of drugs, but the controversy we know, have always been part of the World of Sanremo …On the other hand, Arisa appeared on the stage in an evident emotional state, and perhaps in the grip of performance anxiety, she almost cried at the end of the show, but she still managed to perform with 39 of fever on her!It’s incredible how the atmosphere of Sanremo manages to create so much fear and agitation even in great artists, used to huge audiences, in their live concerts, but as a slogan said a few years ago: “because Sanremo is Sanremo!”

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