Lillo & Greg, the comic nonsense in a new Best of

Laughter and cheerfulness at the sparkling variety show of the famous comic roman pair Lillo and Greg.

A  featuring show with all the best of their theatrical, television, musical and radio repertoire, adding some new hilarious jumble sketchs.

Here is the review of Rome Central Magazine:
the two comedians Lillo and Greg, in the art of Pasquale Petrolo and Claudio Gregori, are always  intelligent
as dementors and in this show are joined by Vania Della Bidia and Chiara Sani and the composer Attilio Di Giovanni who does Soundtrack to the show by playing exhilarating parody at the piano.
Lillo and Greg have rehearsed on the stage of the Olimpico Theater in Rome the salient moments of their historic sketches that make laudable audiences, who often know the jokes in advance, and always laughs for that nonsense irony in which we all reflect in everyday life.

People laughs loudly from the first instant, just enough to the two comedians to stimulate his audience and passes by a pantomime of spectacles of the show to bumbling aspiring actors, caricature of the masks of the daily newspaper.
Laughs and laughs even at creeps between the tragicomic and the double-sensation in which the nonsense makes director.

I don’t conceal the love for the comicness of Lillo and Greg since the times of “Latte e i suoi derivati (milk and its derivatives)” and their style that is never vulgar and that seems to be popular but hides the elegance of a humor to English style with an really Italian style. I find some genuinely gagic gags, and the key to reading is more complex than what appears. You always leave the show with the smile.

The Actors
Lillo and Greg joined the ACME publishing company in Rome in the 1980s, for their work as comic comics (Zio Tibia, which Lillo Petrolo made with Michelangelo La Neve, while Greg was Sergio or the Sottotitolati). In 1991 the publishing house went into bankruptcy proceedings, and the two decided to develop new projects, first of all the creation of a typically Roman demeanor: Latte & i suoi Derivati.
They were part of the founding group of the lucky television show Le Iene, and later with other projects written and interpreted by them, they had a fairly successful television, theatrical and radio.

Where we saw

May 5, 2017 at the Olympic Theater in Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 17, 00196 Rome

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