Dado is back witha  totally new comic show, almost two hour of satire, laughs and amusement, that prove his great artistic comic vocation, allways in evolution.

The roman comic showman mix the typical roman cabaret (with real world analisys)  with the Giorgio Gaber’s “teatrocanzone” (typical of Milan) to create a perfect comic miscellany that makes you laugh with tears in one’s eyes and stand up for the final.
Absolutly dont miss it this comic showman…that could be the son of a Beatles 😉

“In the show Obladi’ Obladado put the whole strength of irreverent satire and comedy Canta the news, we will talk about the powerful, the overbearing and the usual crafty and demolish them with blows of laughter ” (Dado).

There is no shortage of DADO SINGS THE NEWS successful videos that have reached a half million views on the web and as in his unmistakable style will topicality check and all other songs that make the DADO Rock Star of comedy.

Teatro Tirso De Molina
Via Tirso, 89 (Piazza Buenos Aires)
00198 Roma
tel:  (+39) 06.8411827
Parking arrangements in Via Tirso, 14


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