*PSICHEDELIA* my personal vision at Caos in Terni

My personal vision of the exhibition *Psychedelia* at the Caos exhibition space in Terni.
A reinterpretation of hippy pop culture, which originated in San Francisco and became art in the 1960s/70s. Referring back to Mucha’s Art Noveau and using the op art in vogue at the time, the graphic artists of the time, from concert posters, made their way to art galleries, making inroads into fashion, creating it and advertising subverting it. Art for the first time was born from below to change society and its rules of communication. The posters were characterised by lysergic shapes that were not immediately comprehensible, precisely in order to break the classic rules of communication, forcing careful viewing to grasp the information that could be the name of the rock group in question (Pink floyd, Jefferson Airplane, The Who and many others) or simply the place where the concert would take place. Lsd, legal until 1966, and banned thereafter, did the rest. Happy Lysergic Visions!

Until 19 February 2023 c/o Caos – Terni
(Centro Arti Opificio Siri)
via Franco Molé, 25
05100 Terni TR

tel +39 07441031864

Music:Follow That Beat, Musician:Glove Box, Album:Glove Box, Source: https://www.vcg.com/
Music:Go Cat Go, Musician:Gabriel Lucas, Album:Gabriel Lucas, Source: https://www.vcg.com/

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