Rome smart car2go car-sharing vising city by car

The italian capital welcomes with enthusiasm the car-sharing “Smart2GO” service

Roma_Smart_City _Smart2go_rent_car_affitta_auto_RomeWith 500 smart cars, car2go will get you anywhere. You can rent a car in Trastevere and return it in San Lorenzo, go shopping in the city centre, go to the cinema or theatre in total freedom.
The registration service will cost 19 Euros one-time  with no surprises or additional fees monthly or yearly . Customers only pay for the actual use car2go who make service at a cost of € 0.29 minute all-inclusive (Gasoline, Assurance, etc..).
The fleet of cars available to members 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7 , is composed of 500 Smart fortwo vehicles ” enviromental -friendly” , with low emission of C02 and with the length of only 2.69 mt will be easy to park.

Smart car2go can be rented at any time and the system operates without dedicated rental stations , allowing the user to park for free at any public parking within the operating area of 100 square kilometers or spaces ATAC ” park and ride ” at Angelo Emo , Battistini , Elio Rufino , Eur Magliana Ostiense , Tiburtina and Nomentana .
Smart car2go in Rome , may cross all free ZTL – Limited Traffic Zones .

To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license . Payment for the service is via credit card or prepaid card. Car2go is interoperable in Italy , for which members of Rome can also use the service to Milan and vice versa.
As soon customers will be able to use Italian car2go in all European cities where the service is active.

The rental cost will be 29 cents per minute (0,29 Euro), all inclusive, including fuel and the first 50 km of running, with a discount for the use of one hour (14.90 EUR) and for the entire day (59 Euros ). Payment is by credit card or debit card and the registration is free of charge until April 15; later, will cost 19 Euros including a 30-minute car.

How it works.
After registering for the service and they withdrew the card ( at the shop in via Cipro 23 , from Monday to Sunday , opening hours from 9.00 to 19.00 ) , the user has free access to a car, can take the Smart that is closer to locating it through app for smartphones and tablets or the search function on the site

Here the Rome website link:

After you find the car to be used , you will pass your card on the reader located on the windshield , the car opens, insert the pin on the touch screen , you remove the key and off you go . The car can be used up to a maximum of 48 hours, and within the limits of the area covered by the service.

ENI_ENJOY_car-sharing_affitto-autoAlso coming Enjoy and NHP .
But the starting blocks in Rome , Eni ( Italian National Hydrocarbons Public Company) is also already present in Milan with 500 Cars service namend Enjoy (, and NHP (, a company operating in Naples with a small fleet of eco-friendly cars . The two individuals, according to the statement the Councillor for Mobility, expected to come into service within a very short time ( no date has been specified , but the ban expected to start within 90 days from authorization ), the first in putting 600 car field and the second 50 . in the case of NHP ( that treating electric cars is not required to pay the fee of 1,200 EUR per car ) will be also created for specific columns for charging to avoid problems of incompatibility with the existing ones in the city . In the space of three months , therefore, the Roman car-sharing will be enriched with 1,150 new cars, a number that , if the free-flow system takes hold , it will be likely to increase to meet the catchment area , especially in light of the new Plan general traffic , that their share is one of its strengths.