Sustainability: The “greenwashing” is transformed into “value-oriented consumption” thanks to the bio-dermocosmetics

For a few days in the Yamamay store it is possible to buy some products of the Goel Bio Cosmethical line made specifically by the Biodermocosmesi laboratory in Locride in Calabria, inaugurated exactly two years ago.
Yamamay, a well-known underwear brand, had already experienced a timid approach to cosmetics with a “hybrid”experiment that gave birth to the “YamamayAntiAge”clothing line. Remember the slogan: Do you wear yourcream?
The growth potential of the cosmetics market was already known, and the analyses on the market for “value-oriented consumption”.
Since 2014 natural cosmetics have exceeded the marketshare of 1 trillion euros: a 10% growth in the sector that corresponds to a significant market share of 7.8% overall.Entire shelf sectors are dedicated to natural cosmetics and consumers begin to be accustomed to the idea of find ingnatural cosmetics in the same place where they buy other products to treat their beauty, even dress their own intimate.
It is right for the well-known brand, therefore, today to try again with more decision and courage by paying attention tothe concept of sustainability and winging alliance with Goel a peer group of Calabrian cooperatives that have the combating the “mafia” with projects Economic development of ethical measures.
But what is behind this partnership?
Goel Bio Cosmethical is a Polistena’s laboratory that was born under the partnership of the Cooperativa Idea and the Luigi Monti

Community with two mission:
A) A quality production through the design and implementation of a bioecocosmetics laboratory and a line of eco-bio products certified ;
B. Promotion of the youth and women’s employment in Calabria.

The laboratory uses mainly raw materials and wastes deriving from the organic production of Goel bio (which the production of organic oil, oranges, jams andorganic juices, etc…) by making the concept of a circulare economy.

But if in Germany (a Leader in cosmetics in Europe with almost 8% market share of natural cosmetics) there is a growing differentiation between the so-called almost natural and authentically natural cosmetics, the international markets Have a different picture.

Goel Bio Cosmethical have international certifications such as ICEA and COSMOS. Therefore, Goel bio cosmethical products:
1) has only selected “green light” ingredients based on thehugely popular cosmetic ingredients guide
2) used the least possible number of ingredients aware that as in the food, even in the organic cosmetics grows the certainty that the complexity of the formulas corresponds seen chemical and allergic reactions.
In organic cosmetics, the boundaries between the almost natural cosmetics and the truly natural ones are decidedly blurred. Behind the concepts of natural and eco-bio There is therefore a world that presents pit falls. Choosing anexcellent natural product is not easy. The regulatory framework is uncertain and makes life easier for the so-called “ecoCrafty” who play on the ambiguity of themessages on the label. Goel Bio Cosmethical aims to impose itself on this market with a more valid communication and Yamamay has decided to leverage embracing a broader andmore effective concet of sustainability.
This is the social innovation as well as sustainable that we like to choose. *

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