September 27 – October 5 2014
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30, 00196 Roma
A whole week dedicated to Innovation in the context that will host the 2nd edition of the  European Maker Faire Rome, the exhibition of the inventors, creative and innovative craftsmen


All roads lead to Rome, the city will become the world capital city of innovation, from September 27 to October 5. Robots and drones, 3D printers and bitcoin, gurus and start-uppers:
The lnnovation Week , promoted from the Chamber of Commerce, will reach its momentum with the second edition of
Maker Faire Rome , and it will be a celebration of a possible form of future. The same future you can grab with your own hands, even though it looks like Sci-Fi.
The Auditorium Parco della Musica will be the stage of a unprecedented “innovation village” for Italy: it will cover a 70,000 square meters area and will host around 600 inventions from all over the world. In the meantime, the halls will host conferences and seminars with hundreds of speakers. On top of that, there will be a hackathon
at MaXXI on the week-end before Innovation Week:
it will be a marathon with 300 developers who will
challenge the future of domotic.
Being the be st minds of Europe on the stage for one week, Italy and his young talents will play a key role.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first personal computer, Olivetti’s Programma 101, “Make in Italy Foundation” will present an exhibition displaying half a century of Italian inventions. Moreover, in collaboration with MIUR a project will challenge young students in creating a new p101. Students will be main actors during the second day of Maker Faire, too: on October 3, for The Educational Day, the Audito rium stage, seats, audience and speakers will be strictly under 20 for a dedicated Conference . A crew including some of the most brilliant young talents in the world will tell other young people how they are  changing the world with an app or invention.

Maker Faire Rome will be a celebration open to families with children, but it will harbour a strong political message. The Innovation Week and Maker Faire innovation is born from the will of experimenting and sharing. It is a kind of innovation that understands the value of scientific research, and never forgets you have to mess up with your hands in order to get a solid result. Maker Faire is a showcase for young talents who are following their paths, willing to share the result of their job with others. Some of them will become entrepreneurs, developing ideas and prototypes they have designed for Maker Faire Rome, while somebody else will find a job in a company that will grow thanks to their energy and skills. The Innovation Week and Maker Faire celebrate people who “wanna try”, because a country fighting against crisis needs to focus on innovation as a huge, shared effort aimed to build its future.
From September 27 to October 5, experts, main players in innovation and makers from all over the world will meet in Rome to generate a new wave of creativity.
INTEL will be back as ‘main sponsor’ and will play a key role during the event , disclosing some previews to the broader audience in Rome
along with international guests, including the young scientist who were awarded with the Intel ISEF
thus confirming the company’s strong mission in developing a makers and Maker Faire’s community globally.
The Innovation Week and Maker Faire will host more than 100 international speakers participating in many conferences. Writer and activist Cory Doctorow,
astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti,
cyborg artist Neil Harbisson,

Adrian Bowyer, who change the 3D-printing scenario forever by promoting access to anyone,

surgeon Glenn Green, who implanted a 3D- printed splin in a six-week-old patient,

Luciano Floridi , professor of information ethics and research director at Oxford University,
Britta Thomsen, Member of European Parlament, Committee on Industry, Research and Energy,
Jonathan Ortmans, senior fellow at Kauffman Foundation,

Dmytro Gnap, investigative journalist, coordinator of Yanukovych Leaks.

Maker Faire is the closing event of the Innovation Week and will display
more than 600 inventions, will present 74 talks and 42 workshop from 33 countries:
Italy, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Belgium, Japan, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Taiwan, Colombia, United States, Ireland, Spain, Serbia, Brazil, Belarus, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Egypt, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, Guatemala, Czech
Republic, Australia and Greece.
Take a look at some of the most amazing inventions that will be displayed:
Adam , your personal robotic butler; Fonie , the hair-drier for a perfect selfie;
CubeMate , the device you can use to share your mood with no words;
SolarMachine, a solar cooking machine;
M.E.S.S.I. , the best soccer coach in town monitoring and analysing the team’s performance;
Social Cave , a cave that enables interactions and helps you in making new friends;
SoundLight , a lamp for every kind of atmosphere;
Printer Drones , the head-seat for mind controlling drones,
Poly.Cloth , the app that will help you in designing your polygonal clothes;
Chimaera , the alien musical instrument you will play with no direct contact;
Bare Conductive, the best electric ink to turn your ideas into circuits;
C’monBoard , the smart skateboard you can remotely control with a smartphone… and a lot, lot, lot more.
Maker Faire Rome has launched Call4School too, a dedicated call for projects that were born and developed at school, because young makers will make a difference. As a matter of fact, the best 20 projects will participate in Maker Faire.


The International conference “20 under 20” organized thanks to the support of the Embassy of The United States of America for the Educational Day on October 3.
It will be a free of charge pre-opening of Maker Faire strictly dedicated to schools.
The conference will promote the positive impact of young talents on other young people in order to inspire them and shape their future. Children will find out more: they will familiarise with programming, electronics, robotics and digital creativity. Moreover, they will also create video games, robots, circuits and music videos during the workshops in the 2,000 square meters Kids area.


The events of THE INNOVATION WEEK’S program will be:


27th – 28th September

A 24-hour marathon to invent the home of the future and make its objects connected, by taking advantage of digital technology and innovation. Living Hackaton will be dedicated to the development of innovative digital ideas and some leading Italian furniture and design companies such as Elica, Valcucine and Slamp will take part. Developers, designers and marketing specialists will work in teams to develop innovative solutions based on the briefs launched by the companies, supported by dedicated mentors and the companies’ representatives, with the goal of presenting a working prototype at the end of the marathon. The best groups will be awarded by a jury formed by the participating companies. The event is organized by H-FARM Ventures in collaboration with The Innovation Week/Maker Faire.


(For the first time in Italy)

29 September

Starting in New York in 2004 and in Italy for the first time, Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) is an international conference featuring key speakers and topics. The Italian conference will analyze technology’s impact on society and democracy, focusing on the “data society”. Data provides information on citizens and on the work done by institutions, it creates opportunities for companies, telling of the world that surrounds us, and has the potential to improve our lives and make administration more efficient. Data represents the new currency of contemporary society, an instrument of knowledge and power, with enormous consequences on people’s lives and the decisions we take. The beta version of, a project that virtually redefined the concept of administrative transparency in public spending was launched at the Personal Democracy Forum.


(For the first time in Europe)

30 September and 1 October

This will be the first European edition of the annual conference organised by the Open Source Hardware Association, and the first summit dedicated entirely to open hardware; a place to discuss and draw attention to the Open Source Hardware movement that is growing rapidly. Speakers will include world-renowned leaders from industry, academia and the communities of makers. The talks will be covering a wide range of topics, from electronics and mechanics to related fields, such as digital manufacturing, wearable technology, quantified self-devices, art and biohacking. The Workshops will focus on education, manufacturing, designing, business, legal issues and much more.

The Summit was founded in 2010 by Alicia Gibb and Ayah Bdeir with the support of Peter Semmelhack and Bug Labs in its early years. It is now in its fifth year, and in Europe for the very first time; it represents a microcosm of the Open Source Hardware community: providing the most inclusive meeting place possible. The theme of the Summit for this year will be “From Open Making to Open Manufacturing”. This will be focusing on the transition from open design through to the implementation of production models that are more intelligent, inclusive and sustainable, from both a social and environmental perspective.


30 September and 1 October

Meet IoT will be held within the Maker Faire, the biggest event on innovation in the world. The Fair focuses on innovation, creativity and genius, and it’s a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s the main place where craftsmanship and technological wisdom meet. More than 40000 visitors are expected for this event. Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is a project organized and promoted by Asset-Camera in collaboration with Arduino and Make. Maker Faire Rome’s second edition will take place in Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica. This year’s program has grown huge: Rome will host the Innovation Week, a week of debates, meetings and forums dedicated to the new frontiers in the digital revolution.


Makers at Work – 300 participants, 30 tables, 1 Innovation Agenda

1 October

One day of co-designing to produce the first Innovation Agenda for the “Social Innovation City” of the future. Facilitating working groups during the event and involvement on the shared platform over recent months will make it possible to identify the key variables to develop an innovative ecosystem with a social impact in a metropolitan city.

The topics under discussion by each table (physical and virtual) will refer, inter alia, to the levers of change such as: Making resilient cities and communities, Co-design methods, Open Data Management, Accessibility, Scaling Impact, Education Welfare & Youth Engagement, Cultural Heritage & Tourism, Impact Finance, Environment & Mobility, Food & Agriculture.

The event is organized in collaboration with Impact Hub, a global network of spaces for Social Innovation: habitat of inspiration and services of business accelerators as a support for start-up and for business development and initiatives highly innovative and impact positive for the company. Impact Hub Network was founded 9 year ago, works in 54 cities, on 4 continents with more than 7000 members globally. Today, it is the widest Social Innovation Centers network in the world.


The future of money

1 October

SmartMoney is the event organized by Startup​Italia! and is dedicated to the Italian innovation scene in the economic financial sector. On the afternoon of September 14th, Italian fin-tech startups will present their projects alongside talks by high caliber experts like David Wolman, writer for Wired USA and author of The End of Money, as well as columnist for SmartMoney; David Orban, Advisor and member of the Faculty of Singularity University; Riccardo Luna, director of CheFuturo! and StartupItalia!, columnist for La Repubblica and author of Cambiamo tutto; and Roberto Ferrari, Managing Director of CheBanca!.


2nd October – 8.30 PM. Cavea – Auditorium Parco della Musica

Jackets, dresses, and skirts with LED weaving that can be controlled with a simple iPhone app and even truly “interactive” and “intelligent” clothing capable of integrating new functionality with fashion through the use of technological fabrics and microelectronics: these are the wearables that the world is abuzz about. And we will be able to see them on the runway on October 2 at 8 PM in the Cavea of the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The smart clothes made by the CuteCircuit brand, a fashion company located in London but with the very Italian stylist Francesca Rosella, will be the protagonists of this exceptional gala event. One of the CuteCircuit products, the Hug Shirt, was recognized as one of the best inventions of the year by Time Magazine. The latest creation, the GalaxyDress, the largest wearable display in the world, is currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as part of the Fastforward show and was acquired for the museum’s permanent collection.


2nd – 3rd October

‘Boosting’ a creative start-up ecosystem è l’appuntamento internazionale promosso dalla Regione Lazio all’interno della Maker Faire e della sua Innovation Week. L’evento, che vede il Lazio protagonista insieme ad altre regioni europee e del resto del mondo, sarà un’occasione per permettere ad amministratori, politici e operatori del settore di discutere sulle opportunità e gli strumenti in grado di sostenere la costruzione di “ecosistemi creativi”. Personalità provenienti da istituzioni europee, nazionali e regionali si confronteranno sulle policy adottate e sulle misure necessarie ad assicurare piena continuità e complementarietà delle diverse azioni intraprese. D’altra parte, il contributo degli operatori delle realtà più dinamiche a livello mondiale e degli studiosi di istituzioni specializzate sul tema permetterà l’emergere di elementi e iniziative potenzialmente realizzabili nel Lazio.


3 October

Maker Faire will be hosting a special Startup Europe Partnership Matching Event, a close-door 1:1 meeting event where the founders of the most interesting makers companies will meet executives from the SEP member corporations (Telefonica, Microsoft, Orange, BBVA, Unipol Group, Telecom Italia). The purpose of the meetings is to identify business development opportunities for the corporations, whether that means procurement contracts or opportunities for strategic investments or acquisition. SEP will select ~10 companies that best suit the requirements identified the member corporates. SEP is looking for established businesses (revenue generating) in the IoT world with particular focus on: Home Automation, Connected devices, Robots & Drones, Education, Wearable, Wellness / Healthcare e Transportation. If you are interested to be considered for the Matching, please apply to the call.


4th October

“Less is more”: is low-cost science possible? Yes, according to “frugal science”, a revalidation of already existing technologies aimed at plummeting down production costs while maintaining intact the technology’s core specs. In developing countries such an approach can grant people who have been excluded from the last digital revolution, with access to primary services. In the developed world, instead, it can have an extremely impactful role in leading the effort towards an earlier scientific education. The Rome Hub of the Global Shapers Community is organizing a conference and several laboratory and workshop sessions focused on the theme of “Jugaad Innovation” and specifically on the first European debut of the “Foldscope”, the origami paper microscope that costs just 0.5 $.


V Festival dell’Intelligenza Collettiva

4 – 5 October

Come cambia il mercato con la rivoluzione digitale? Quali sono realmente gli impatti dell’e-business, dei social network, delle nuove tecnologie sul lavoro di un artigiano o di una PMI? Quali sono le opportunità che offre la rete, e quali le minacce che nasconde? Come sfruttare le potenzialità dell’innovazione, e perché è uno strumento di sviluppo e di crescita indispensabile? Qual è il rapporto tra i “nuovi” maker e le vecchie professioni? Chi sono gli artigiani digitali, e che vantaggi possono trarre gli artigiani dal digitale? CNA Next è l’evento organizzato da CNA Giovani Imprenditori che si svolgerà nel corso della Maker Faire, per provare a dare una riposta a questi interrogativi e tracciare, in maniera condivisa, l’identikit dell’innovazione.


The European Edition

3 – 5 October

The role of the Chamber of Commerce in Rome, working through its specialist desk Asset Camera, is not only about making resources available, but also creates a real laboratory in which Global Innovation opinion leaders, decision makers, students, current and aspirant entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the entire venture capital system, will be able to discuss concrete innovation projects.

The Innovation Week ends with 4 days dedicated to the world of makers, digital artisans and the Leonardos of the XXI Century, who will be coming together in Rome from all around the world for the second edition of the European Maker Faire Rome.

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