Pie anchovies

The pie of anchovies is like all that concerns the anchovies a great classic of Roman cuisine. The anchovies that we found in the puntarelle  salad also sparkle in the more traditional, salty (salt) and raw dishes as in this case. Today I have proposed this simple version of the potty dish to be able to take advantage of these wonderful nutrients and get an outstanding result even without turning on the oven. The tortilla title is synonymous with cake. With this sequence you can get the same result without heating the entire kitchen. The cooking time of this recipe is synonymous with summer. 5 minutes to cook a kg of fish. You do not add water, do not add wine, just have to be fresh the fish and you will see that with little expense you will bring home an outstanding result.


1 kg of anchovies deboned

40 gr parsley

1 clove of garlic

Salt to taste

6 tablespoons of evo oil

5 tablespoons of grated bread



Wash the anchovies (boned)

Finely chop parsley and garlic

Grease a large pan and arrange the lid

Place a layer of anchovy on the bottom of the pan

Cover the anchovies with chopped parsley and garlic

Salt layer

Add a wire of oil

Spread a spoonful of breadcrumbs

Proceed as indicated until the end of the anchovy

Place the covered pan on high flame gas

Cook for 5 minutes at high flame

Turn off the gas and allow to cool


[yumprint-recipe id=’61’]Curiosity

Where to find it if you do not want to cook? In the Trattoria.

These anchovies were purchased on the market of P.zza Alessandria.

Queste alici sono state acquistate nel mercato di P.zza Alessandria.

I Mercati Aderenti



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