A FAMILY MAN a Mark Williams film, the RC review

A good film, where a great Gerard Buttler (that sims be pefect  such as action movie and commedies) leaves the chothes of invincible hero (300 , Holympus ha s follen) to fight the mather of all match..His famyily
Dane is an HeadHunter, willing to do everythingh to relize is job, that working 18 horur for day to guarante to his family an high standard of life…but this life is turned upsidedown by his son’s serius hillness.
After having  adressed a similar Iusse in Muccino’s film “Playing for Keeps“, Butler strikes back again witha good cast , above all William Defoe.

FILM CARD A Family Man

     ITALY RELEASE: 08 June 2017
     YEAR: 2016
     REGIA: Mark Williams
     ACTORS: Gerard Butler, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Gretchen Mol, Dustin Milligan, Alison Brie, Kathleen Munroe, Julia Butters, Anupam Kher

     SCENERY: Bill Dubuque
     PHOTOGRAPH: Shelly Johnson
     ASSEMBLY: Thom Noble
     MUSIC: Mark Isham
     PRODUCTION: Zero Gravity Management
     DISTRIBUTION: Eagle Pictures
     COUNTRY: Canada
     DURATION: 108 Min


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