Zucchini stuffed

Stuffed zucchini are a great classic of Roman cuisine. At Cucurbita Pepo there is a section dedicated to those Green called Romanesque ones. Of this plant, the Romans have always fallen in love with eating fried flowers. Even the ancient Romans consumed pumpkins and cocurbits that grew from North Africa (the barn of Imperial Rome).

Ingredients Zucchini stuffed x6

5 romanesque zucchini

350 gr of minced beef and pork

2 onions

70 grams of wheat or parmesan cheese

30 gr Parsley

750 ml tomato paste

750 ml of water

6 tablespoons of evo oil

Salt to taste

Pepper black qb


Wash the zucchini

Cut the end parts

Divide the zucchini into equal portions

Empty the inside of the zucchini and put it aside

Wash and finely chop the parsley

Clean and chop the onions

Grate the cheese

Mince the inside of the zucchini aside

Heat the oil in a large pan and fry the onion

Add the tomato sauce to the onion and 750 ml of water

Cook the sauce while cooking sauerkraut

Mix together with salt, parsley, onion, cheese and zucchini

Fill the zucchini with the dough of meat

Place the stuffed zucchini in the pan with the tomato sauce

Cook slowly for 40 minutes


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