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RomeCentral_Backpack_Journalism_WordleRome Central is the first Magazine dedicated to the beautiful things of Italy. The expats, residents, Italians in the world, some tourists and many visitors read the site. It can be called a magazine, or a companion.
Rome Central has a wide-ranging editorial line that intertwines art, photography, fashion, design, cinema, music, theater, literature, health and wellness and much more.

Curated columns, photographic services and interviews give ample space to different artistic languages. Sensitive and attentive to new trends and emerging creativity Rome Central magazine collaborates with numerous partners and professionals who belong to the world of printing, culture and entertainment.


Stargarder Str. 60, 10437 Berlin, Germany


In this page Authors find the names of our collaborators https://www.romecentral.com/authors-page/

Collaborate with us

If you have your passion and want to publish or simply want to challenge yourself you can contact us to collaborate with our editorial staff.

To contact us just write to:

Here are some of our staff editors and reporters:


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    • Thank you for contacting us, we have read your proposal but as it is our statute in Magazine Rome Central you can not do any advertising.
      With the magazine is possible to have a partneship but in your case given the gambling topic, you can not even do this. Thanks for the attention

  2. Hello, I wrote a book about Rome and was wondering if anyone from Rome Central would be willing to read a few chapters and write a review that I could include on the cover? Please let me know if this is possible.

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