Foodies 10 Best: gourmet wine bars and wine shops in Rome

 Fragment of the frescoes of the complex Lungotevere Pietra Papa (Rome). First half of the second century. A.D. Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.

Don’t you always think about the food before choosing the wine, indeed sometimes the path is the opposite: I feel like a great wine, but I do not give to match you with a few dishes, well calibrated and implemented. But in Rome this is possible, maybe even just to taste a great red wine accompanied by platters of cheese and salami, in a warm and familiar atmosphere. There is spoiled for choice: from elegant and sophisticated Enoteca Ferrara and Casa Bleve, the most dynamic and youthful The Sorì, Bibenda and Grapes and Forms, up to the classic The Goccetto and Del Frate. And if you love champagne, do not miss a visit to Remigio, maybe for a drink extended.
Here they are for you, in alphabetical order.




rome 10 best wine bar bibenda wineconcept

Via Capo d’Africa 21, 00184 Roma

Centro / Colosseo

+39 06 772 066 73

Bus/Metro: B53, B75, B85, B87, B881, B889, N2, N12, T3, T8, C3, M “Colosseo”





Via del Teatro Valle 48, 00186 Roma

Centro / Argentina

+39 06 686 59 70

Bus/Metro: B70, B81, B87, B116, B186, B492, N6, N7




rome 10 best wine bar del frate

Via degli Scipioni 122, 00192 Roma

Prati / Ottaviano

+39 06 321 16 12

Bus/Metro: B70, B180F, B913, B990, N6, M “Ottaviano”



 rome 10 best wine bar ferrara

Piazza Trilussa 41, 00153 Roma


+39 06 583 339 20

Bus/Metro: B23, B280, B780, Bh





 rome 10 best wine bar il goccetto

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 14, 00186 Roma

Centro / Campo de’ Fiori

+39 06 686 42 68

Bus/Metro: B40, B46, B62, B64, B116, B870, B916, N5, N15, N20



 rome 10 best wine bar il sori

Via dei Volsci 51, 00185 Roma

Tiburtino / San Lorenzo

+39 393 431 86 81

Bus/Metro: B71, N10, M “Vittorio Emanuele”





 rome 10 best wine bar la barrique

Via del Boschetto 41/b, 00184 Roma

Centro / Nazionale

+39 06 478 259 53

Bus/Metro: B64, B70, B71, B170, M “Barberini”, M “Repubblica”



rome 10 best wine bar remigio

Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice 15, 00181 Roma


+39 06 789 228

Bus/Metro: B85, B650, M “Furio Camillo”





rome 10 best wine bar trimani

Via Cernaia 37/b, 00185 Roma

Nomentano / Porta Pia

+39 06 446 96 30

Bus/Metro: B38, B92, B223, B360, B492, M “Castro Pretorio”




rome 10 best wine bar uve e forme

Via Padova 6, 00161 Roma

Nomentano / Bologna

+39 06 442 368 01

Bus/Metro: B61, B490, B495, B649, N2, N13, M “Bologna”


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