In Rome, ‘Enchantment of Lights’ lights up the Botanical Garden with magic

The event, which opened on 19 December 2022 and will end on 8 January 2023, is being held simultaneously in 18 other European locations, is organised by DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG, IMG and Events, and is an opportunity to get to know and immerse oneself in the historic park, the residence of Christina of Sweden, through a fabulous exhibition of sensory art, lights, music and nature.

This is an international light art festival held for the first time in Italy. Through an unprecedented sensory immersion, visitors have the opportunity to experience from a new and memorable perspective one of the most iconic places in the capital: the botanical garden that stretches from Trastevere to the slopes of the Janiculum Hill. From a hot air balloon on the hill, one can enjoy a unique view of the eternal city.

The attractions, the map of which can be downloaded digitally with a QR code, have been named after a fantasy: the Cathedral of Light, the Illuminated Fountain, the Field of Enlightenment, the Star Flowers, the Rays of Light, the Firefly Tree, the Lotus Flower Field, the Fairy Forest, the Meadow of Changing Moons, the Galactic Spheres, the Glittering Staircase, the Rainbow Road and the Strands of Light up to the Moon and the Stars. The Vegetable Garden sketches a microcosm of wonder, where a large iridescent heart is the location for romantic selfies.

The event is first and foremost ‘family friendly’, because it allows families to rediscover the Botanical Garden, as if it were a daydream, capable of astonishing adults and children alike. In fact, inside the Botanical Garden you will be immersed in a sparkling fairy world, strolling along avenues inhabited by curious creatures, such as the glowing rabbits, the ‘Enchanted Little Fairies’, the wise reindeer and the ‘Butterfly Fairies’, elegant dancing butterflies.

Walking hand in hand along the path between the glistening palm trees in the Avenue of the Glittering Branches, through the nave of the Cathedral of Light and up to the village of the Moon and Stars is also the infallible “arrow” to make a breakthrough in the heart of your beloved: this unusual and unique “Love date” is fulfilled in a warm embrace of lights chasing each other in the lush nature of the winter garden, a magical place that knows how to make love blossom even out of season.

Whether you go as a couple for a romantic stroll or with friends, the festival is also the perfect gift to surprise and amaze, treating yourself to something unique that will remain in your heart.


Botanical Garden of Rome
Largo Cristina di Svezia, 23 A,
Rome, Italy


One has to go back to 2016 to learn about the origins of ‘Enchantment of Lights’. It all started when DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG first brought the successful ‘Christmas Garden’ concept to Germany at the Berlin Botanical Garden. From the very first edition, the event was well attended by the public, leading to subsequent editions being extended to other locations. These include the Pillnitz Palace & Park in Dresden (from 2018), the Wilhelma in Stuttgart (from 2018), the Allwetterzoo in Münster (from 2019), the Botanical Garden in Madrid (2019), the Wollaton Park in Nottingham (from 2020), the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt am Main (from 2021), the Hannover Adventure Zoo (2021), the Mainau Island (2021), the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz (from 2021), the Cologne Zoo (from 2021) and Weihnachten im Tierpark Berlin (from 2019). In 2021, the Christmas Garden was also held at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau in Barcelona, the Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción in Malaga, the Jardíns de Vivers in Valencia, the Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris, Windsor Great Park and Kenwood House in London, Wollaton Park in Nottingham and the Trentham Estate near Newcastle. In 2022 it is the turn of the new European venue in Chorzów, a Silesian city in Poland, and the Italian edition at the Orto Botanico in Rome with ‘Incanto di Luci’.

(Translated with Traslator)

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