ANATOMIA DI UN RISVEGLIO @ Porta Portese Theatre

“First they came for the Gypsies/and I was glad, because they were stealing. /Then they came for the Jews/and stood up, because I was being obnoxious./Then they came for the homosexuals,/and I was relieved because I bother. Then they came for the Communists, and I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t a Communist./Poi continued to slay billions of innocent,/but for me it was normal, because they were of other species. One day he started with me,/and there was nobody left to protest. “

On stage at the Teatro Porta Portese of Rome, unfortunately only on 2017 November 7 and 8, “Anatomia di un risveglio (Anatomy of an awakening)” written by Barbara Mugnai : author that it is also good and exciting in the interpretation of the text. A brave show, cutting edge … a show besides the species, which forces the Viewer to a journey inside himself in search of his unconscious Act.

Conventions, customs, beliefs are swept away in the light of a compelling logic. The “red pill” Matrix once cheating, and succeeds as thanks to a magic wand to reveal the invisible-yet so obvious-system of conformity to which we are accustomed: the human on top of any other living thing. But not really!

Anatomy of an awakening” puts in motion our ability to face reality and to welcome in us the answers you already know but don’t we give. The unspeakable is expressed in a form “without compromise” and upon exiting the theater you can no longer hide behind an excuse such a cliché, the banality of life …. or the banality of evil.
It’s a show for the brave, for men and women who are free, if you choose “the red pill”.
The protagonists are all those whose life is worth less. ” First, the abandoned animals, the forgotten, minorities, those who have no voice. The real challenge for each of us, is recognized as an absolute value life itself. And decide to defend it, to whomever it belongs.

Dora Benigni interview with Barbara Mugnai (Italian)

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