Armando Borges at Meetup Photography Social Club Roma

The Photography Social Club Rome on March 2018 Saturday 24  has organized a seminar of photo in photography room of laying conducted by the photographer Armando Borges.

We have had therefore occasion to interview the known photographer:

How did you Start?

Photography for me was always a hobby, since childhood I was always fascinated by the ability to transfer memories to paper. Over time, I realized that not only the memories that can be transferred; but also our feeling and our opinions, that photography is much more than an experience captured as evidence, but it is also a way of appropriate things, including ourselves.

Before being a full-time photographer, I worked for the corporate world, more specifically for the oil sector; which in 2008 went through an acute crisis. That same year, life gave me the opportunity to live in the city of Paris, the city where I pursued my photography studies, obtaining the mention of European Master of Professional Photography at the Speos Institute.

Since then, I have been doing photography as an independent professional (freelance).

What is your preferred type of Photography?

I like photography in general, but within its genres I like portraiture, I can say that I consider myself a portrait photographer.

I have lived in different cities (Caracas, New York, Paris, Calgary and now Rome) which has awakened in me a particular interest in cultural exchange and for individuals.

Being able to interact and meet people inside and outside the photo studio, fascinates me.

I think that each person is unique, and as a portrait photographer, I am excited to interpret and decipher people. Capturing their individuality and essence according to what I see and feel is something I really enjoy.

What is your approach when doing portraits?

I always fight with barriers; we all have filters and restrictions that protect our privacy and essence. To break down those fences professionally and respectfully is where I focus, being able to cross them, helps me to capture a sincere portrait, a portrait with the essence of the individual.

I´m always looking for the fragility, innocence, rigidity, brightness, honesty and any other type of emotion within the subject character.

My ultimate goal is to capture and project an emotion that goes in line with what I feel and observe according to whom I photograph and the situation that surrounds it.

What advice can you give to those who start in photography?

Be driven by passion, the technical aspect of photography gives you the basics but is the passion is what gives you the satisfaction.

One of the most frequent questions that I get is what kind of camera, light, and lens I use.

There is a tendency to think that the camera and equipment is the key to having a good photo.  It also matters the searching for an opportunity, knowing when is the right moment, the approach, the conversations, how do you prepare and plan for shooting, and of course; how you are able to keep your vision during the entire process.

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