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Natasha and Romina are sisters and both journalism passionate .

Romina Malizia is a writer, journalist, advertising graphics, author and screenwriter. She loves painting, designing clothes, writing poetry, thoughts, fairy tales and horror-thriller genre stories, journalism
Investigation and counter. Passionate anthropology, psychology, ancient civilizations, traditions and ancient legends, the cinema and the theater. He loves music, dancing, belly dancing and art in general.

Natasha Malizia , born in 1975 have the drawing as his first passion, the attraction for art leads her to obtain the diploma of artistic maturity as Technical Graphics and Advertising in 1996.

multidisciplinary personalities, art and communication. E 'lover always writing, his topics from elementary schools differ in the imagination and style, says Italo Calvino's stories and fairy tales that the law at the age of three years will have the honor to meet in person with Lucio Lombardo Radice and Gianni Rodari.

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