Cosmetology: the great mystery of beauty

Cosmetology: the great mystery of beauty

By Julio Salazar

Women have always wanted to appear more beautiful. They developed the art of seduction and conquering men, their best weapon was their natural beauty helped along by cosmetology.
Often it has been not only women, but also men have tried to appear more handsome. Nowadays both are aiming for the same target, looking more attractive through the use of cosmetics.
Nowadays cosmetics are created with chemical ingredients but, fortunately, there has been a recent return to natural components. Right now, they are in fashion.

The following list explains the benefits of some natural products that are essentials for beauty:

Oil: In cosmetics coconut oil, sunflower oil, almond oil
and peanut oil are most used. Their primary function is to protect the skin
against the sun’s rays.

Water: Is very healthy for the skin. You should drink at least 1 and a half litres of water every day.

Rose water: It’s a natural beauty tonic and a refreshes the skin.

Cold and hot water: used alternately is the best for normal skin.

Starch: It’s a wonderful ingredient in beauty masks. Brown starch can also be used for relieving sun burns.

Indigo: It’s effective in keeping grey hair from yellowing.

Bicarbonate: has many uses in beauty and hygiene. Bicarbonate softens water to wash the face and the body. When used for for toothbrushing it makes a great tooth polish. You can also use it as deodorant. Add it in a steam bath to help dilate the pores to help with pimples and blackheads.

Eggs whites: are very good to condition hair and are an excellent ingredient in facial masks.

Cloves. Put into chiffon purses to eliminate odors. Chewing them helps to eliminate bad breath.

Coconut: Coconut milk is very useful in cooking. Coconut oil is used to protect the skin from the sun.

Mop: We can use the dry fruit of this plant as a natural mop in the bath. It’s the best to polish the rough skin on the knees and elbows.

Hammelis: juice pressed from the leaves are used in facials masks.

Ice: Helps to close dilated pores and relieves swelling

Jasmine: Dry leaves can be used to perfume linens and bath water. The infusion is a sedative.

Milk:Is great for hydrating skin and is also a good detergent. It can be used in preparing facials.

Lettuce: Boiled leaves ca be used to prepare a beauty mask.

Lemon: Some drops of lemon in water can be used for washing around the eyes. Lemon juice also helps eliminate freckles. It’s an ingredient in lots of beauty masks. It’s also great for washing hands after touching pungent foods.

Butter:protects the skin from the sun’s rays.

Camomile: Its infusion is sedative, it’s commendable in a tepid bath before going the bed. It is good for keeping blonde hair from becoming drab. Use it on cottonballs over the eyes to take the puffiness out. Rinsing the mouth with camomile relieves inflamed and bloody gums.

Honey: Is one of the most important ingredients in facial masks. It’s a powerful nutrient for the skin.

Orange: Its juice makes a great mask. You should let it dry.

Potato: If you want to conserve your hands, you should boil potatoes and mix them with milk to form a paste. In slices, potatoes can be applied to the eyes to refresh the skin.

Cucumber: Make a fabulous beauty mask when applied to the face. Pure cucumber juice helps to eliminate freckles. Chafed elbows can be soothed with cucumber. Cut into a little hot milk and applied on the hands, it helps to soften them.

Parsley: It’s very good to use when cooking garlic and onion to eliminate the odor.

Pine tree: Pine needles in a hot steamy bath are very relaxing.

Pumice stone: It’s useful for removing rough skin on feet, hands, elbows.

Rum: Adding a glass of rum to water when washing hair to add luster.

Roses. Dry petals into silk purse make and excellent sachet to place inside closets.

Salt: Added to hot water makes a great foot soak. A little salt in bath water refreshes the skin. Gargling with salt water is useful in treating sore throats.

Linden: It’s infusion is a sedative. A strong infusion is perfect to add to bath water before going to bed.

Tomato: Its juice makes an excellent beauty mask- rich in vitamins for the skin.

Steam: Steam baths dilate the pores and help to eliminate impurities without hurting the skin.

Country fair: Crushed leaves are used to heal sores on the skin. With water it can eliminate the formation of dandruff and add shine to dull hair.

Vicarage: an infusion of white vicarage petals makes a good eyewash.

Vetivert: Dry roots inside a chiffon purse is a wonderful sachet to put in closets.

Vinegar: Helps add shine to hair.

Yolk: mixed with almond oil to do a facial mask. Washing the hair with egg yolk will promote shiny hair.

Yoghurt: It’s an important beauty food. It can be used as a beauty mask.

Carrot: A valuable vitamin in the beauty mask.

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