Photographs of Ronciglionese Carnival 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017 with the Photography Social Club Roma we photographed the Ronciglione Carnival.
The ronciglionese carnival that is among the first 10 Italian tradition is certainly the largest and most sumptuous of the province of Viterbo: the “Nasorosso” (traditional mask), The race of the Barberi horses, riderless of Renaissance Rome, now become grabs historian, the squad of troopers that with ammunition from French hussar escort the masked people … all this create a festive atmosphere where personal identity and social class no longer exist, it becomes part of the Great Tale of the Carnival.

Osvaldo Sponzilli Photos

The Ronciglione Carnival is amongst the oldest in Central Italy. The ringing of the bells from its municipal bell tower and the “Gallop of the Hussars” announce the commencement of the celebrations on “Fat-Tuesday” (our French term Mardi-Gras)Saturday is the “Corsa a vuoto” round of eliminations (jockey-less race) a special race in which horses gallop the streets of Ronciglione on their own, guided only by their instinct. 18 horses from 9 different quarters (contrade) challenge each other in 3 groups, only those who arrive at the podium can enter the finals on Tuesday. Sunday offers the “Corsa di Gala” (the Gala Race), a parade of allegorical carriages, prepared by the city’s master artisans and surrounded by masks and local bands.Fat Tuesday, as it’s called, is the last day of Carnival, ending with the “Corse a vuoto” final and awarding of the winning team, which receives the “Palio” – an artistic standard painted by many artists. “La Compagnia della Penintenza”, hence, captures the “Re Carnevale” (Carnival King), who is run out of the city by tying him to a hot-air balloon, a flight which is meant to bring in the good harvest. In the evening the “Veglionissimo” is carried out, a farewell celebration to the Carnival King, with music, wine and masquerade dancing.The typical character wearing a mask created by the imagination of a group of Ronciglione people at the start of the 20th century is the “Red nose”. The character wears a white gown and chases the public around offering him or her, rigatoni with tomato sauce from a chamber pot. (Source


From Rome:
Take the GRA and take exit 5 “Cassia Bis” towards Viterbo follow the Cassia Bis, after Monterosi take right towards Nepi, at the first intersection take the S.S. Cassia Cimina (first left) direction Lago di Vico.

From the highway:
Exit Magliano Sabina, direction Borghetto Civita Castellana and continue for Fabrica di Roma, reached the center of the village, turn left along the Provincial Massarella, reached the junction with the S.S. Cassia Cimino, turn right.

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