(Italiano) Il 25 aprile la festa della Liberazione d’Italia, gli eventi in programma Roma

25-Aprile_liberazione-d-ItaliaSaturday, April 25, 2015 in Italy we celebrate the anniversary of 70 years since liberation from Italian Fascist regime. The anniversary of the liberation of Italy, often called Liberation Day, the anniversary of the Resistance or more commonly April 25, is celebrated April 25 of each year. It is an important day for the history of Italy as it represents the victorious struggle of military and political resistance of the partisans during the Second World War against the fascist government of the Italian Social Republic and the Nazi occupation.

From 17 to 20, from the Capitol Square are planning a series of events:
This year the festival is dedicated to the partisan leader and former President of the PNA, Massimo Rendina, and Elio Toaff, former partisan and chief rabbi of the synagogue of Rome, who died just last April 19.

The event will present the associations of partisans and fighters. Alongside them, will be attended by representatives of the institutions Capitoline who coordinated the preparation of the event.

Papaveri-rossi-sulla-strada-per-RomaWill be screened several films that recall April 25 to 70 years ago, including the documentary “Red Poppies on the way to Rome”, made by journalist Roberto Olla also visible on this link at RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana.



“Red Poppies on the way to Rome”
Roberto Olla
“When the story is separated from justice, freedom is measured in crosses”, is a Polish verse of the song “Red Poppies” which tells the great battle of Monte Cassino in the spring of 1944. Seventy years ago, despite the devastation of the bombing, the road to Rome was full of poppies but was blocked by the stubborn resistance of the Nazi armies. To free the eternal city, during the four-month battle, fought and died young of many different peoples: the Americans of Texas, the British and the Australians, New Zealanders and the Maori, the nissei (nippoamericani) and Sikhs, the Gurkhas and the terrible Maghreb, guilty of so much violence, Canadians and Poles, the co-belligerent Italian patriots and Maiella Brigade. In the hands of the monks did the European culture and the people, who have been reconciled with the Germans, recognize that from Monte Cassino pass the roots of a united for peace. A documentary filmed on locations in the battle, in England, in Normandy, with historical footage from the archives unpublished prevenient American, British and New Zealand, made for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Rome.

 In addition to institutional events, there are also musical events such as the performance of the 100 children of the Orchestra and Chorus of middle school and GGBelli ICVicovaro, directed by master Marco Angelo Quaranta and Colone. We will also see the performance of v in partnership with Feel That Swing, Fusion Style and Sprit Moves, remember that American music during the fascist regime was forbidden.  The municipality of Rome has arranged for this week a whole series of very interesting events

Sorie_di_resristenza_italianaTHE EXHIBITION AT THE CASA DELLA MEMORIA (HOUSE OF MEMORY) Until May 14, 2015 will be open the exhibition “Stories of the Italian Resistance. With an eye on Europe resistant,” curated by the PNA and guest in the Exhibition Hall of the House of Memory and History. A tale of resistance to Italian and European images, from the beginning of World War II until the promulgation of the Constitution in 1947. The exhibition is dedicated to the Commander Max.

THE SWING – April 22, 2015, from 18.30 to 23.00 is expected, on the terrace of the House of Memory, “Dance of Liberation“: a festival-style show forties where he plays the swing and jazz, both banned in the years of the fascist regime , and who arrived in Italy with the arrival of American soldiers. The Valley Swing Band, directed by Giorgio Cuscito, will play the most famous songs in the history of the swing, with the choreography of the dancers Swing Circus and interludes of canatutore Piji.

Swing-valley-band_Giorgio-CoscitoThe Valley Swing Band consists of Mario Caporilli, Ferdy Coppola, Gino Cardamone, Alberto Antonucci, Fabiano and Giovannelli Monica Gilardi. Admission is free until seats available.

Saturday, April 25 from 11.00, the same Valley Swing Band will perform in the theater of Villa Torlonia in the show “Swing all free.” Admission is free but reservations required number of Telephone 060608.

AUDITORIUM MUSIC PARK On Saturday 25, at the Sala Sinopoli, is scheduled for Freedom!” a marathon in history, literature, film and music on the themes of liberation

liberta_25_aprile_auditorium.parco-della-musicaLibertà! Freedom! A marathon of history, literature, film and music

 70 Years After Liberation, a shift from rhetoric of commemoration to the celebration of freedom. What has made our freedom? The ability to choose? Safety and security? Freedom is a prerequisite for an individual to be emancipated and commitment to the community together. It is so today, as it was April 25, 1945. And that is why we celebrate Liberation makes sense, and how, even 70 years later: it is a party that involves everyone.

April 25, 2015 from 16 pm to 19.30 A meeting of history, literature and cinema
On stage two historians and a philosopher: Simona Colarizi describe April 25; Emilio Gentile disputed recount the myth of the Resistance and Liberation; Giulio Giorello speak of freedom of yesterday and today. The actress Lunetta Savino will guide viewers on a journey through books on the theme of freedom in the feminine. Alberto Crespi propose original documentaries and a large section of sequences from films that have told the Resistance and Liberation or whose fundamental theme the concept of freedom.” How And Agnes Chose to Die by Giuliano Montaldo, Open City and Paisan Roberto Rossellini, The Man Who Will of George Rights, the year of the Lord of Luigi Magni. To hold the thread of the marathon Paolo Di Paolo who will give voice to writers of yesterday and today on the Resistance.

It is from 21:00 hours of music scene
Starring Oscar winner Nicola Piovani with the Roma Sinfonietta. A vast repertoire and dear to all of his music for the big screen. Among which, on the issue of civil liberties The Night of the Shooting Stars by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, on that of freedom of tenderness and silence Ginger and Fred and The Voice of the Moon by Federico Fellini, freedom of lightness the famous Life is beautiful and Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio.


Afternoon class: Full 14; small groups and schools: 7 euro; reduced under 20: 2 (limited places) Evening Concert: Adults 18; small groups and schools: 10 ; reduced under 20: 2 (limited places). Subscription to the two events Full 25 euro; small groups and schools: 17 . Reduced tickets at 2 will be available up to 3 days before the event only at the ticket office of the Auditorium


CINEMA Friday 24 and Saturday, April 25, 2015, also at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese will see two days of programming with a dedicated path to people, histories, tragedies and hopes of the 25 April.

Appointments of 24.04.2015 of the House of Cinema

ERA-NOTTE-A-ROMA_Roberto-RosselliniERA NOTTE A ROMA di Roberto Rossellini

 24/04/2015  at 17:00

Tipologia Proiezioni.

I-NOSTRI-ANNI_Daniele-GaglianoneI NOSTRI ANNI di Daniele Gaglianone

il: 24/04/2015 at 19:30

Tipologia Proiezioni.

Un_uomo_ritorna_Max-NeufeldUN UOMO RITORNA di Max Neufeld

il: 24/04/2015 at 21:30

interpretato da Anna Magnani e Gino Cervi.

Tipologia Proiezioni.

Appuntamenti del 25/04/2015

Una-Vita-Difficile_Dino-risiUNA VITA DIFFICILE di Dino Risi

il: 25/04/2015  at: 11:00

Con Alberto Sordi.

Tipologia Proiezion: .1961, previsto alle 11 in sala Deluxe


il: 25/04/2015  at: 16:00

Tipologia Proiezioni: sala Kodak



il: 25/04/2015 at: 17:30

Tipologia Proiezioni: in sala Kodak alle 17.30

vivere-Franco-BerninijpgVIVERE di Franco Bernini

il: 25/04/2015  at: 19:00

Tipologia Proiezioni.


Nemici_dinfanzia_1995_Luigi-MagniNEMICI D’INFANZIA di Luigi Magni

il: 25/04/2015  at: 21:00

Tipologia Proiezioni: in sala Deluxe

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