EOLIE ISLANDS…not only sea

You put your feet on Lipari and it seems to start going on a carousel rich of colours, smells, views, ancient and modern human beings. It never stops anymore.

You go on Vulcano and it let you astonished. You are surrounded by the sea, earth and the sky. Nature is more nature than usual and you never stop looking at what is around you, more and more curious about what you have still to discover.

Then you reach Filicudi Island, you look for the pick and realize how many layers are here. An absolute silence alternates to voices of those how pass through or live here. You go on looking at what is in front of you waiting for what is arriving.

You sail to Alicudi, a handful of houses, stones and steps. Your heart is open in front of a mirror of water where you see all your destinations.

You disvcover Salina Island, that green and confortable leave you brathless on the peak.

You long to see Stromboli‘s eruptions, where nature always decides everything.

You land in Panarea, that just sees who is arriving. She is there, elegant and luxuriant. You have to look for her beautiful corners and you find them, very satisfied you reach them.

You just climb up and down, dive, swim, sit down, taste. Magic flowing islands.

FOTOREPORTAGE by Elena Cattaneo

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