Nutella is an Italian invention! The best is not American?

Nutella is “made in Italy”, it is a product of the Ferrero family! We must remember it often because many Americans believe it is their own invention. We have to remember an old Washington Post article where they compared two cans of Nutella, one Italian and another American, to discover with the help of a chef which was the best. We note that the Italian one is made in Italy while the American can is produced in Canada. The chef tried to reconstruct the differences in the doses of the ingredients that he thought were present in different quantities. It won the Italian version but the result is never supported by conclusive evidence, so much so that even today some Americans are convinced that Nutella sold in the Americas is better than the original.

Here is a video in which we compare the two versions:

In the video appears a boy who claims himself as “Nutella connoisseur since 1991” and at the end, the experiment of the site Buzz Feed demonstrates the essence of marketing, or that with information manipulated human reactions are distorted.

The Nutella recipe may change slightly in some countries, we have had information about Germany and France, in fact the German consumer association, Verbrauchenzentrale Hamburg, has noticed a change in color and consistency. It seems that Ferrero since 2015 has changed the recipe for cans sold in Germany and in the list of ingredients of Nutella sold in Germany in the new formulation is not present the whey powder by increasing the amount of skimmed milk powder, which goes from 7.5% to 8.7%, exceeding the lean cocoa by quantity (7.4%) while the hazelnut content remained unchanged (13%).

History of Nutella

Nutella is the name of a hazelnut and cacao gianduia cream. For the first time it was produced in 1964 by the Piedmont confectionery industry Ferrero di Alba (Cuneo) and inspired by a previous cream called Pasta Giandujot and then SuperCrema. The name derives from “nut”, where the suffix “ella” has been added as Italianization.
The first cream was prepared by Pietro Ferrero, a confectioner in the town of Alba, in the Langhe area, famous italian area for the production of hazelnuts. In 1946 he prepared and sold the Pasta Giandujot, a chocolate and hazelnut paste sold in cut blocks. In 1951 appeared the Supercrema, which was spreadable and sold in jars.
In 1963 the son of Pietro Ferrero, Michele, decided to market the Supercrema throughout Europe and to renew the recipe. The recipe was modified together with name, and Nutella appeared (from English nut, “hazelnut”) and the new logo was soon registered and is what remains unchanged until today.
The first glass of Nutella came out of the Alba factory on April 20, 1964 and the new product was a huge success also abroad. The cap in the first containers was red and was then changed to white to reduce manufacturing costs. In 1965 Nutella was sold in Germany where it was a huge success and in 1966 in France and then conquered almost the whole world.

The data reported in the latest OECD report state that 350,000 tons are produced each year. Moreover, the OECD has defined the cream as an exemplary product in the globalization economy: the 9 factories are distributed in all continents and the ingredients used come from different parts of the world. This cream is used mainly as an accompaniment for bread, biscuits, sweets and fruit, although over the years many recipes have been devised that prescribe its use in cakes, pastries and crêpes (source Wikipedia)

The container is a glass

The idea of Ferrero was immediately adopting reusable containers like glasses. This was a great marketing idea to encourage the purchase of the product, which once emptied, the container, can be used as a nice glass for home. The idea pleased and worked immediately so that the glasses were soon equipped with a characteristic shape and characterized by color screen images, stylized with abstract or nature-related themes. From 1990 the serigraphs were replaced by images of cartoon characters.

Gli Ingredienti

Nutella has its own secret recipe, just like Coca-Cola and other companies. The recipe of the product is carefully protected in the official factory in Alba:

Sugar (56%), Palm oil (19%), Hazelnuts (13%), condensed milk (11%), Vanilla powder (9%), brewer’s yeast (0.5%), Low-fat cocoa (7.4% ), Skimmed milk powder (6.6%), Whey powder, Soy lecithin (emulsifier), Vanillin

Many have tried to imitate and even try to do at home, but Nutella remains unique and unmistakable …



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