Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe

The soup in the picture is a very good soup made with a long and varied list of elements. Unpopular to the children of the city is today declaimed in the Roman taverns or in the Trattoria of all Italy as a rafined dish. This is also suitable for Vegans since it has not added any element of animal derivation. Why not call it vegetable soup then? Because a minestrone is something more that also understand the English who use the same term.
We Italians attribute to this culinary definition “minestrone” a similar meaning to the jumble or hotchpoch for this I have listed the ingredients but it is totally irrelevant to try to reproduce the experience in a scientific way. In a good soup there is everything you want!

Minestrone ingredients that serve 6

1 potato
200 gr. pumpkin
1 onion
2 stalks of celery
50 gr red lentils
50 g of cauliflower leaves
50 gr Sicilian broccoli stalk and leaves
1 carrot
100 gr (mixed beans, split peas, lentils, green adzuki, barley spelled -Mixed vegetables and cereals
4 liters of water
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to taste on the plate.

Cut the vegetables into cubes of similar size
Wash the vegetables
Boil the water in a large pot.
Add the vegetables to the water and boil 2 h.
Add the salt when cooked.
Serve with toasted bread and raw oil.

In Rome, minestrone is essentially a seasonal vegetable soup flavored when it is available with a piece of pork … the ham bone, a little ‘bacon or some parmesan crust to flavor the chosen vegetables. This you will find in a trattoria. In Liguria, no animal parts are added, but a spoonful of portion pesto, for example. Every farmer or tradition of peasant origin will find references in the minestrone as in this song by Zecchino d’oro. The city children do not know how good the minestrone is …

link zecchino d’oro and text

ink al minestrone dei bambini cantato

Our celebrated Roberto Benigni named his own movie of the 80s, combining satire and food with a real minestrone!

link minestrone wikipedia

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