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Women born under this sign are very spontaneous, full of vitality, aggressive and may have uncontrollable impulses followed by aggressive instincts. It’s very important for them, despite being engaged, to feel free and independent in every aspect of life. They live intense passions and are always full of optimism.

Aries men need a powerful love driving them all the time. That’s their key. They dream of a perfect couple and won’t give in until they find her. Once they find that perfect love, they give all of their unfettered passion and are willing to fight with might and main. Their outer manifestations don’t match their passionate and love-giving hearts.


Taurus women are extremely hard-tempered and almost untamable, even though they might be in love. They fight tirelessly to preserve their marriage and their family, respond positively to love. Their partners must trust them unconditionally.

This kind of men are strong, at least in their looks, and bide their time before taking a loving decision. Once that decision is made, they give their best passionately. They fight unimaginably to keep their lovers. They are faithful and passionate.They cannot be reined, otherwise they start acting aggressively and defending themselves.


Gemini women are extremely complicated in their personalities in their way of acting. You never know how they are going to respond, how they are feeling and what their thoughts really are. They change their minds pretty easily. That’s why they can hardly find someone who can truly love and stand them. When that man comes, they love him passionately.

These men are real Casanovas who need to live new sensations with new lovers all the time. They need their partners to understand them and support them completely in their complex personality. Somewhat immature in love, they like to fully control their lovers. You need to be truly in love to have a lasting relation with a man like that.


Cancer women need to be loved and give love, and they’ve got tons of it as if stashed deep in their hearts. They change their mood quite easily, but they are always willing to make love. Excellent partner with a view of a lifetime relationship who never focuses on the present.

Men born under this sign are the endless lovers whose instincts take over any reasoning, extremely tender and loving, full of passion. For women who like henpecking men, this is it. Cancer men are always willing to give their partners all the love and passion they need, and a lot more.


Leo women are selfish and self-centered, but very creative and passionate in lovemaking. They convey optimism toward life all the time, they need to be loved, and above all things, desired desperately.

The Leo man, a being controlled by his heart, seeks and finds love all the time. Don’t pay any heed when he gets stubborn and let him cool down. The bottom of his heart is excellent and kind. Give him signs of love and tenderness as much as you can, for he’s very receptive to this kind of affection. For this man, no love is impossible when he has decided to conquer someone.


Virgo women always look for perfection in their lives. She’s the lady who dreams of love all her lifetime, always willing to find a lover and fight for him. They need to know they’re not only lovers, wives or fiancés, but also friends and advisors. Extremely faithful and communicative, they just can’t stand being used or deceived.

Virgo men leans to perfectionism and needs to know they play a major role in their lover’s life. Their dream is to have just one relationship for the entire lifetime, however they must be sure about the person they want to engage with before taking any decision. Right after that, they give their heart and soul.


Being in love is the reason to be alive and everything spins around that feeling. They keep a watchful eye on the person she has a relation with before opening her heart lock. They fight and defend their love. They believe in happiness, and they need and expect full support from their better-halves. They tend to help their partners unconditionally. Since they need peace of mind, balance and harmony, they give all that to their partners. This is a perfect woman to keep a lasting and steady loving relationship with.

These men are tender and passionate. Good couples, understanding, tolerant, communicative, sociable, always willing to help out and protect their partner. They are unique when they want ro reveal their love. His better-half gets tunned by their gift of the gab. They’re always on a quest for the perfect couple. When they realize they haven’t found her yet, they let her know tactfully and the search goes on. Once they find her, they give the best. They like fancy, aggressive and crazy sex.


Women born under this sign are tender lovers, full of both sensuality and sexuality. Their sexual capabilities are far beyond belief. They never forgive deceit and this is when they act in a violent, ruthless and implacable way. When they are faithful and enamoured, they are the perfect loving partner.

For them, the main features is their hard-to-crack endurance. When they are in love, they fight with tooth and nails and do everything within their reach to conquer that woman. They won’t stop until she falls into their arms. This is a man full of passion, very sexual, always willing to give love. For him, that’s the main drive in life.


Women born under this sign are marked by outer optimism and strong will. Full of love towards the person they love, they show their feelings in the most natural and unbiased way. Very kind and faithful to their partners. They know how to drive their couples out of strain and depression by proving him support in whatever. This is an extremely understanding and tolerant kind of relationship.

Sagittarius men are watchful and willing to learn about everything. Their curiosity can’t ever be quenched. They need to know everything about their partners, and they don’t hide anything to them. Very upbeat, he knows how to help his partner out unconditionally. Deep in his relationships, he’s a good lover and a great friend. Sometimes his partner doesn’t know exactly which side is better: as a lover or as a friend. However, this man knows how to enjoy sex and makes his lover feel great pleasure.


This woman has such a strong and determined personality that can really shoo her couple away and he winds up being a tad afraid of her. She bides her time before going steady with someone. She looks for inner beauty. She goes real deeply into her couple as if she were trying to get to the bottom of his truth. When she decides to go steady she means business: a serious, lasting, loving relationship. She knows exactly how to keep her couple and how to swim out of all loving crises.

They are extremely perseverant when they are attracted by someone. They can’t understand why she doesn’t feel the same way. They bend over backward to meet their couples’ material and spiritual needs. That gives them satisfaction. They can love deeply and are expert lovemakers. They know how far they can really push the envelop in this major thing for every relationship called sex.


These women are independent, breaks old-fashioned styles and traditions. They don’t like longstanding relationships that much and need to be free, even as far as loving is concerned. They give passion but always with their minds set on the present, never planning on the future.

The man of Aquarius is original and creative. He can hardly express his feelings. He hates engaging sentimentally and he rather enjoys his freedom. When he decides to go steady that means he is aiming for his lifetime relationship. This man likes love brimming with passion and unlimited enjoyment.


Women born under this sign are the most romantic beings under the sun. Each romance, each sexual encounter, every caress is enjoyed to the utmost. Just one touch can make her scream in bliss to the top of her lungs. This is the kind of woman who can do with little love, completely happy and satisfied. Sometimes her partner tends to abuse her, and sometimes she suffer in silence.

Men of Pisces love tender and sensual romances. They have a special hard-to-find sensitivity among men. They give passion like no other and fall in love easily, a situation that brings about quite a few disappointments in their life. This is the kind of man who makes everything to please his partner and make her happy.

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