Taste of Roma 2015

tasteofroma_chefTaste of Roma, this year from 2015, September 17th till September 20th, at Auditorium di Musica, Rome, opens a new space and time dimension dedicated to the art of taste.

Taste of Rome unravels the most famous chefs’ secrets thruought the Master Classes in the program, Cooking Classes, Interactive Cooking Demonstrations, Innovative Methods and Technologies, Dough Cooking, tasting, including singular tailor made menus on site from specific upper standards Romans Restaurants, a wine list with as many as 50 wines selected with passion, care and attention to each and every guest of this invitation to know, to know how to learn, to taste, to accompany furthermore to the need & charm to pairing wines and food for the more -for many of us whom are not di-vine.., yet, into the constellations of wines.

The crystalline, the colored, and bubbles…

The labels origin is by craft wineries, mainly belonging to winery tradition by private families companies, the most are yet well rewarded and known. Wine experts, and wine bars staff will accompany you and perform for you into your own tasting, that will be by the glass or by the bottle.

Saturday, and Sunday lunch, children entertainment also is geared exclusively to the culinary -like, with specific instructors, didactics and lessons to suit them.

Taste of Roma, is at its IV. edition, four days at full flavor cooking schools, with 24 workstations equipped with instrumentation, technology and cooking methods of the latest generations.

23 cooking school courses where well spread 552 fortunate visitors will be set each day with very precise programming.

It is like having a cooking personal trainer of the highest standards available for questions, tips and tests. Eyes wide shut then to witness the best brigades of our soil, to relate also to haute cuisine with interactive and non virtual playfulness.

The event has a positive unmatched success, providing also the masters and the audience with an irresistible location of La Capitale, a location where the interplay between nature, space, culture, and accessibility are pillar. A definitely luxurious lively picnic set for you open-air wrapped in contemporary architecture.

Taste of Roma dehors, pavilion-style roof gardens, shall reveal a Coffee Seminar – brews Coffee Wonderland, indeed one of the most popular beverages consumed and distributed among the continents. A travel around the world, a journey into coffee beans history, traditions, production and flavors.

On www.tasteofroma.it you will trace each presentation and structure of the event, from the single events calendar appointment, how to book, the starry names bios and secrets, their humane dwellings… An A to Z to the way into ingredients, workshops, accessories, and which sponsors of course, which certainly will lead you through this Wonderland into The Kitchen.

To be informed: many entrances ticket types, for each and every taste … and capacity.

Admission Tickets:

Many types of input, for all tastes and for all budgets, as well as great deals available through selected partners:

  • Standard 16 EUR – provides access to the event and the internal activities (excluding the cooking school)
  • VIP 55 euro – provides access to the event and in addition a number of benefits, and gold already included
  • Cooking Course € 39 – provides access to the event, Gold already included a first approach to the kitchen and the guarantee of a place reserved for the chosen course
  • Junior (13-18 years) 10 euro – reduced admission for youngsters
  • Kids (5-13 years) 5 euro – reduced admission for children
  • Under 5s free ticket

Taste.of.Rome_TicketThe places are closed in numbers, in order to avoid queuing time that would refrain from exciting activities and entertainment, buy tickets in advance.

The ancient Roman coin, the Sesterzio will be the currency trading, also by a Rechargeable Gold Card for which dispensers shall be easy to spot between circuits. Dishes offered by The Chefs will cost between 5-7 Sesterzi, the World of Taste Plate instead 10 Sesterzi –
exchange currency Euro-Sesterzi 1: 1.

The set is a late summer night in Rome, will you also be there to discover the secret ingredient ?


Thursday, September 17 – from 19.00 to 24.00
Friday, September 18 – from 19.00 to 24.00
Saturday, September 19 – from 12.00 to 17.00 – from 19.00 to 24.00
Sunday, September 20 – from 12.00 to 17.00 – from 19.00 to 24.00

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