In Rome coming soon integrated services Totem

Advertising boards of Rome could be transformed into real multi-functional totems” with a series of useful features to the citizen and the administration of the City.
This is the plan” that Aipe (outdoor advertising business association) has submitted to the City of Rome. The association together with the Rome Research Consortium has devised a type of installations similar to those already installed in capitals as outside Europe, for example, New York and Tokyo.

Daniela_Aga_RossiDaniela_Aga_Rossi Rome could be the first city in Europe to adopt these innovative infrastructure,” said the president dell’Aipe Aga Daniela Rossi.

The installation of the new plants will have no cost to the administration: to take care of the costs for installation and future management will be the dealers of the boards. 

The boards may be accompanied by App for iPhone and Android, Wifi hot spot, video cameras for surveillance and traffic control , the most disparate sensors ecoenvironmental systems and emergency service SOS and anti-rape.

There are ongoing research to evaluate the possibility of adopting alternative materials to the plexiglass and materials for digital printing eco-friendly alternative to PVC to replace the paper.

Moreover, citing the words of  Aipe president, Mrs. Daniela Aga Rossi The use of traditional photovoltaic panels has a strong aesthetic impact. For this reason we decided to experiment with the use of transparent solar panels based on organic materials that can be used to protect the structures. “

As for the design of innovative App, especially for Apple and Android devices has been thinked a collaboration partnering with i3Factory World (, a factory of applications that is developing a number of frameworks for the occasion.

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