Enjoy: an Italian Car Sharing in Rome


In the year 2014 Roman drivers can now take advantage of this car-sharing scheme called Enjoy. The initiative is operated by Italy’s national energy provider, developed in partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia.

There are 600 of the Fiat 500 cars in the fleet, indentifiable by their red colour and yellow and white Enjoy logo.

The vehicles have free access in the limited traffic zones (ZTL), can be parked for free in Rome’s blue-striped parking spaces, 50 Enjoy reserved free parking area and can operate within an area of roughly 100 sq km. Drivers can source the nearest car available by using the smartphone app or the website, or simply choosing the first available Enjoy car they find on the street. The service costs 25 cents a minute while the car is in motion, and 10 cents a minute if the driver decides to keep the car parked for later use. The cost is all-inclusive and comprises insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance.

Enjoy features:

  • Free membership
  • Sign-up completely online
  • Competitive rates and a “customer exeperience” simple and straightforward.

This service adds to the car-sharing, already active, “car2go” in the capital with many Smart cars: a service that quickly recorded an unprecedented success in the capital in which to find a taxi at a good price has become an enormous task.

Cost: 25 cents per minute in motion (for the first 50 km, after which applies the cost of 25 cents per km) and 10 cents per minute when you decide to leave your rental car in stop mode. The price is all inclusive, it also includes the cost of insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking.

We interview Giuseppe Macchia (Smart Mobility Services Vice President di Eni Downstream & Industrial Operations ):

– When startwdRome service ?
The service was presented in Rome June 4, 2014 and today boasts more than 30,000 registered users.

– How many cars you have in Rome city?
The Roman fleet, all € 6 and with parking sensors, consists of 600 Fiat 500.

– Why have you made the choice of the Fiat 500?

Fiat is also a member of this service, or just a supplier? Fiat is not only supplier for our fleet, is one of our most important partners, like us and like Italian Trenitalia. The 500 red belong to the family choices for Enjoy more International cars of the Fiat brand; The 500 family has contributed to export the Made in Italy in the world, with beautiful cars, compact, fun to drive and environmentally friendly and cities in which they move. Ideal for Enjoy, Fiat 500 models are in fact a concrete example of the ongoing commitment of the Fiat Group in the production of cars becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues through research, development and dissemination of effective and affordable technological solutions made available to a wide audience. With the 500, Fiat supports the mobility model proposed by Enjoy evolved to those who need a car to move around in cities.

– It ‘a service designed only for citizens or for expatriates?

For the moment only Italian citizens can access the service, but we are working to extend the service to the many foreign tourists and people who will be in Italy in view of Expo2015.

– Are there any special promotions?

Within the site enjoy.eni.com, in business partnerships, are told different active promotions in the period. We recommend to visit the section often to not miss the opportunities to enjoy its partners offers to consumers.

– In general, since the service was launched what kind of feedback you have on the audience?

The approval is good: today we count 155 thousand subscribers in Milan (starting December 2013), 30 thousand in Rome (starting June 2014) and more than 1000 in Florence (service started on November 5). The target customer is cross: Enjoy like and is used by drivers of all ages, demonstrating the simplicity and immediacy of use. 87% of customers, in fact, is between 19 and 50 years of age. These data confirm, therefore, the strong appreciation for the distinctive features of car sharing Enjoy: from the choice of the Fiat 500 red compact car, safe and trendy become a status symbol of Italy, the procedures for free membership completely on- line and immediately check the license and the payment card through the most competitive rates in the market.

– It ‘s an alternative to taxi for those who drive in busy cities like St. Rome?

Car sharing alongside the means of mobility offered by the City. It may therefore be an alternative to taxis, public transport and also a way to not use their cars to go downtown for example, having access allowed and can park for free on the blue lines (for a fee)

– Compared to other car sharing services, such as. “car2go2, how you position yourself? what are the differences between you and others?

Each service has its own peculiarities, we have focused and will continue to do so, on what proved to be far our trump cards. Enjoy it was meant to be “customer-centric”, with the main objective immediate service and easy to use for the customer, hence the idea of inclusion is completely online, easy, fast, free and immediate check of the license and payment card. Another key element is the use of smartphones, through the App allows you to quickly locate the nearest car, book it and open it, working as a real remote control. The app also lets you view the details of the car – including the cost – not just ended. Important aspect, which we are proud of, is that of road safety Eni wanted a car safe and reliable. Our Fiat 500 were fitted with tires “all-season” with which you can travel safely in winter, 7 airbags to protect passengers and Bluetooth for hands-free calling from mobile phone without the use of headphones; Rome 500 also our parking sensors. And do not forget the special rates, as explained above, are the lowest in the market.

– What other cities are covered by the service enjoy?

Are you planning to expand into other cities’ or countries? The service started in Milan in December 2013, in Rome in June 2014, with a temporary stage in the summer of car sharing in Rimini (July to September); Enjoy this last week is also in Florence. We are continuing to monitor the municipalities of other Italian cities, large and small, to assess the possible extension of services to other reality with an eye abroad.

– How much is it exactly?

Enjoy is a revolutionary design even in competitive prices: there are no membership fees or subscription fees. You sign up exclusively online at enjoy.eni.com or through the app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, immediately accessing the service. You only pay for actual usage, moving at the rate of 25 cents per minute (for the first 50 km, after which applies the cost per km more than 25 cents) that becomes 10 cents per minute if the customer want to keep the car in the car during the stop. The price is all inclusive, it also includes the cost of insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking.

– How does this work?

You can view the nearest car and book it with the app for smartphones (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) or through the website enjoy.eni.com. E ‘can also choose a free down the road, hire her and immediately start the car.

– Why Enjoy service does not have a card like car2go?

One of our greatest pride is the use of smartphones during the duration of the ” car sharing experience Enjoy “. As shown above, through the App you handle everything: the identification of the car nearest the reservation, opening, viewing the details of the car – including the cost – not just ended. With these features we actually dematerialized process of the current car sharing market that provide for the mandatory use of a card.

4 comments to “Enjoy: an Italian Car Sharing in Rome”
  1. Yeah its really a pity that they don’t accept foreign licenses for this service. However there is good news the competition Car2go does accept foreign licenses. (They are german, so organized quite a bit better then the italians). Any way i hope the Eni guys figure out a way how to deal with foreign licenses and allow at least foreign residents to drive.

  2. It is a nice idea. I bet a lot of expats would like to use this service, unfortunately it is not possible with a foreign drivers licence also not an EU one, and not even if you have a residence in italy, and a italian fiscal code, band account.

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