Some games to play with our dog!

Giocare-con-il-caneTo play with our dog is one of the funniest experiences we can do in everyday’s life. Anyway, as in every activity we make, there are different ways to play; there are games for its sight, for the body, for the reflexes, for the respect of the master and many more.

With those brief advices, in collaboration with Dogalize’s Trainers, we offer you some of the simpler and funnier games to spend some hours with our “tailed son“; sweet and nice exercises, made for the majority of the existing canine breeds.

1-Hidden bites: in the rainy days we can arrange a quest to search some hidden bites inside our house. The process is quite easy; we put the dog in another room, we hide the bites into the chosen room (at first we place all into an established height, then we can move higher) and then we let the dog enter, giving the “SEARCH” command. Whenever the dog starts searching for the bites quite easily, we can move the treats (or some toys!) at another height. Don’t help the dog pointing at the bites!

2-Pull and Release: all bulldogs love it! If this game is well done, it can be a perfect way to teach self-control to our dog. Using a toy shaped as a pipe, in all pet stores you can find many of them, you must call the attention of the dog, moving the toy as a prey (DON’T put the toy strongly in its mouth). NEVER take out the toy from the dog’s mouth, we cannot foresee how it will react; also, the dog has to know very well the “LEAVE” command. Don’t play for too long, and alternate victories to “defeats”: the dog will have its self-esteem increased!

3-The Bench: this common object can become a good source for a funny time in the park. We can make our dog jump it, or pass under it; or, again, we can cover the bench with a lid and make the dog pass under the long side. In each of these cases, we suggest to bring along some prizes like food bites; it’s absolutely mandatory to teach the dog that it’s doing something good!

As you can see, only with a little fantasy (and some spare time) you can create some marvellous games for our 4-legged friends; if you want to discover more about pet’s world, visit Dogalize!

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