Appia day, modern and ancient Regina Viarum celebration

The Ancient Appia it is not only a street where to walk or to go bicycling, but it is a relevant experience to live alone or togher with friends, but take your time. We do not mean the whole way from Rome to Brindisi, but you think is more interesting. Walk along the consular street, the archeological park unique in the world, a protected area of 3.500 hectare. You enjoy the roman country or the archeological sites, some of them are completely free.

It is a magic place and the second Appia Day edition on the 14th of May will celebrate it. The committee and the institutions that promoted it presented a very rich program good for everybody. From 8 a.m. to sunset you find a lot of activities to do (guided visits also to unusually opened sites, bike tours, music and street food) to celebrate a jewel of monuments and landscape.

In some places reservation is needed, you can also visit sites along the Regina Viarum from Rome to the villages of centre and south Italy.

Look at the program

Download Verba, the application that bring you along the Ancient Appia

Click here to find info about Appia, its monuments and itineraries

The drone video, that you find on the Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica web site, will give you an evocative preview of the wounderful sight of the open air gallery we can visit every day

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