The second edition of ARTCITY starts in June, a project of cultural initiatives in several fascinating museums in Rome and in the region by Polo Museale del Lazio. The museum as you have never seen before, open night and day for 150 events: art, architecture, literature, music, theatre, dance and audiovisual from June to November, development and social cohesion engines.

The idea is to create new experiences tailored to those who have never or rarely been to the museum, to bring everybody there again. “Newcomers” and “return viewers” are the target of the show and cultural heritage we have in the museums of Rome, Tarquinia, Oriolo Romano, Nemi, Palestrina and many places in the region. Artistical quality and scientifical precision are peculiar to these initiatives, just look at the programme.

This season is the continuation of the previous one, that conquered audience and critique, puts “inclusion” at the beginning. There are shows for kids and a project at the theatre for blind and viewers. The other sections are “art and architecture” and “performance arts”.

ARTCITY was born in the museums for the museums, this is the reason why you just need the ticket of the museum to see the show. The Polo is like a network of people, places and arts: people from the past and the present, citizen or neighbourhood places, from international theatre and music to historical exhibitions. Behind the primary aim to share cultural heritage, ARTCITY helps to save and give value to the permanent collections, it is a happy example of industrial culture good for everybody. Just look for your own favourite event.

For more information about the calendar and the program visit

Curiosity at Castel Sant’Angelo
There are a lot of relevant events at Rome by the Vittoriano, Palazzo Venezia and Castel Sant’Angelo. In this last place you can find the “olearie” by Pope Urban VIII, recently recovered and opened to the public. Storage rooms for oil vases fixed in the walls added to vessels on the ground to collect falling oil. It gives us an idea of how precious this staff was, for lighting, foods and military defence under attack.

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