Waiting for Altaroma 2019

AltaRoma, the Roman fashion week, is approaching. Let’s share some important informaion about it.

The Fashion week, to be held from the 24th to 27th January 2019 features a new location,the PratiBus District. This large multi-functional space is the result of the  redevelopment of a portion of the former bus depot. The PratiBus District (the entrance is in Viale Angelico 52) features four macro areas where the events and the creations are exhibited.

The fashion week program is as usual divided into three sections: Fashion Hub dedicated to scouting and emerging creativity; Atelier, featuring fashion shows and presentations of fashion and tailor companies; In Town, is the chance to know the fashion companies and designers participating in the fashion week with independent events from Altaroma.

The Fashion Hub presents through their creations, many emerging designers as well as the finalists of the fashion contest Who’s On Next 2018. In The Fashion Hub you can find glasses, hats, bags, shoes, jewelry, belts and much more. Generally these creations are made in few items and by hand and they often represent the Made in Italy excellence. These new brands are waiting to reach the notoriety they deserve and AltaRoma presents itself as a valid platform in this sense.
In the Atelier,we’ll see the shows and catwalks of Gattinoni, Giada Curti, Sabrina Persechino and Sylvio Giardina. Malo, a leading cashmere company, is also present.

Among the In Town events, there will be  Nino Lettieri fashion show at Palazzo Brancaccio, the collective shows of The Look of the Year and World of Fashion, and Roman’s Romance, the talk that will be held at the MAXXI Auditorium and which will host Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna, President and CEO of the Biagiotti Group.

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