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sociologist by training, he lives and works in London and Asia.

He made his debut in the publishing world, in 2002, with the book "Vegetarians how, where, why" (Malatempora Ed).

In the following years, even with Malatempora, publish: municipalities, communities and eco-villages in Italy (2003) and municipalities, communities, eco-villages in Italy, in Europe, in the world (2007). In 2009 he founded the publishing Viverealtrimenti, to begin with a garden of Eden, his first book of fiction and municipalities, communities, ecovillages, his third on an ancient and modern movement of experimental communities and sustainable.
In 2011 public Yoga based on authentic Indian traditions, his first book in English (translated in 2013, with the title from the authentic Yoga Indian tradition) and Barboni yes but in your own home, a collection of short stories and poems.

With public in 2012 Jasmuheen the Kumbha Mela, unraveling an interesting combination
between new age and tradition.

Forthcoming its Jesus in India ?, after about ten years of studies and research in the field (mainly in Kashmir, Punjab and Ladakh) constantly having as basis the holy city of Varanasi, where the author spent in the above mentioned period, the majority of his time.